May 25, 2024


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Jimmy Kimmel accuses Trump of confusing him with Al Pacino

Jimmy Kimmel accuses Trump of confusing him with Al Pacino

“What a day this has been,” Jimmy Kimmel said at the top of his late-night monologue on Wednesday before recounting the “troubled morning” he had thanks to yet another sordid “truth” directed in his direction from “our former Kentucky-fried president.” . “Donald Trump.

Noting that Wednesday was a day off from Trump's criminal trial, the host asked: “How did he spend the day?” Lunch with Melania? No. Maybe fishing with a baron in the yard? No, no, Ranta Claus got up bright and early to spread 165 really toxic words about you.

“Idiot Jimmy Kimmel, who has yet to recover from his terrible performance and massive ratings decline as host of the Oscars, especially when he revealed that he suffers from TDS, otherwise known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, to the whole world by reading on the air. My truth about how bad a job he was doing That night, right before he stumbled into the announcement of the biggest award of all, “Picture of the Year,” Trump. It was published, and he began to confuse Kimmel with actor Al Pacino.

“It was a classic chokehold, one of the biggest bids ever, and on top of that, he forgot to say the famous and obligatory line, 'And the winner is him.'” Instead, he stammered as he opened the envelope. “Presumably his wife, and even management,” they said. They begged him not to do it, saying: “Don't read the truth, Jimmy, please don't do this.” He's made to look like an idiot, which he is, and at the same time he's gone down in television history as the worst host ever for the once vaunted Academy Awards!

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Kimmel said he was impressed that Trump spelled “braggart” correctly, “but literally everything else is not only wrong, but maybe we should be worrying about it wrong, and maybe we should take this wrong.” The keys away from Grandpa are wrong.”

The host then went through Trump's post line by line, ranging from the fact that Oscar ratings actually went up this year to deep confusion over who presented the final award of the night.

“Now, don't get me wrong, I wish I was Al Pacino,” Kimmel said. “It's Al Pacino, and I'm me. You'd think he would know because I'm pretty sure 'Say hi to my little friend' is what he said to Stormy Daniels that got him into all this trouble.”

As for Trump calling him the “worst” Oscars host ever, Kimmel said: “That must be the reason they asked me to host the show again next year, which I wasn't planning on doing, but I might do it.” now”. Maybe you can watch on the TV in the Rikers recreation room.

Finally, before playing a clip of the joke he told at the Oscars that must still bother Trump, Kimmel said: “I think I should be honored that the former president of the United States took time out of his busy schedule to Google Ivanka in a bikini.” To talk about me he shouldn't realize how much I love this.

Meanwhile, on CBS, Late show Host Stephen Colbert came to his ostensible rival's defense, channeling Will Smith as he told Trump: “Keep my friend Jimmy Kimmel's name out of your weird little wet mouth, okay?”

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