September 27, 2023


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Jim Ross' response to Ace Steel's AEW release

Jim Ross’ response to Ace Steel’s AEW release

It was reportedly Ice Steel chest by AEW earlier this week. shooting sounded inevitable after, after accounts From Brawl behind the scenes in Everyone is outside Between CM Punk, Steel and The Elite including Steel throw chair In Young Bucks and to bite Kenny Omega.

In his last episode Shui JR audio notationAEW commentator Jim Ross responded to the news of Ace’s release:

“He’s a smart guy. He has a lot of product knowledge. A solid hand. And I thought he did a good job. But I haven’t worked with him directly much. I’ve seen him on TV, and he’s always very friendly and approachable.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I thought he was a good hand and did a good job there. But you know, things have a way of working. You never say never. But I always thought he did a good job for us. I know he was very loyal to CM Punk. No Nothing wrong with that, they were buddies. I suppose CM Punk is the guy who got Ace Steel his job. That would be my guess… Seems logical.”

“I don’t know where all this is going. I hate to see anyone lose their job and lose their paycheck. That’s the deal. While he was there, it seemed like a viable asset, but then again, I didn’t work with him directly. I had no issues, For or against him. But the bottom line is that someone else lost their job. That’s what he regrets.”

“He’s got skills…I think if he gets a fair shake up in the wrestling scene in general, he’ll find some work. Smart guy. We’ll see how it works for him. I hope he does well. I regret that anyone, anywhere in wrestling, loses their job” .

Steele’s launch was the first major domino to fall since the start of AEW Investigation In the fight behind the scenes in Everyone is outside. What do you think will happen next in this story, Cagesiders?

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