November 30, 2021


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Cathy Krier - Legity Review: Piano Studies

Cathy Krier – Legity Review: Piano Studies

Luxembourgian pianist Cathy Krier has apparently effortlessly mastered the highly intricate piano studies conducted by Giorgi Ligetti.

Innovative muscle games and suggestive character pieces at the same time – this is Études pour Piano by György Ligeti, created between 1985 and 2001. Inspired by the multi-layered rhythms of African and Asian traditions, the piano is once again given entirely new facets. Motor skills and energy, as well as intensity of color, draw you into the action immediately. But also: imposing! Because short pieces are often too complex and often multi-dimensional – too ragged, too cunning to accommodate everything. Above all, it presents a formidable challenge to the performers, which pianist Kathy Kerr masters so masterfully. It has the magic trick of combining the mechanical precision of a cut with a single, dramatic signature, with finely balanced dynamic contrasts and sharply defined lines. The amazing thing: The whole thing seems so effortless!

© Lynn Tessin

Kathy Krier

Kathy Krier

Ligeti: Studies for the piano (Books 1-3)

Kathy Krier (piano)

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