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JetBrains IDE RustRover Officially Released with Free Non-Commercial License – InfoQ

JetBrains IDE RustRover Officially Released with Free Non-Commercial License – InfoQ

Original link (2024-06-10)

Eight months after announcing the public preview, JetBrains is releasing an IDE dedicated to Rust development.RustRover has been officially released.The new version fixes several bugs and introduces a new licensing model that includes a free plan for non-commercial use.

Since its early release in September last year, RustRover has gone through multiple iterations to become more stable, more performant, and more distinctive.Frequent improvementscame.

Additionally, the most important aspect of this announcement is the introduction of a new free license for personal, non-commercial use.

The IDE is free to use for individuals who wish to use RustRover for non-commercial purposes. However, if you want to use RustRover for commercial purposes, you will need to purchase a license like any other product.

JetBrains offers free licenses for the honor system, but reserves the right to adopt a stricter approach later. The line between commercial and non-commercial can be difficult to draw, but according to JetBrains, if you use RustRover “for direct or indirect commercial benefit or financial compensation,” it requires a paid license. This includes creating content and educational materials that are not freely available. Commercial licenses are also required if you work on open source projects as part of your day job and receive consulting or other paid services.

Unlike other JetBrains development environments, RustRover does not come with a dedicated subscription option. To use RustRover in a commercial environment, developers can use 12 additional IDEs and tools, including the profilerAll Products PackageSubscriptions must be purchased separately.

The non-commercial license that JetBrains has obtained for its IDE means that statistical data collection cannot be disabled. However, according to JetBrains,Statistical data collection is completely anonymous and does not allow user tracking.Therefore, it is GDPR compliant.

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Finally, when JetBrains announced RustRover,Rust Community Plugin for IDEsIt was also neglected. This decision has drawn criticism from some quarters, butThe Rust plugin is still available in closed source.It turns out to be. This is the same component used in RustRover and is compatible with IntelliJ and CLion, so these IDEs can also support the Rust language.

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