July 1, 2022


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It’s It Takes Two, the perfect video game for both games

What if the best video game of 2021 was actually released? It takes twoHazelight Studios’ new work, surprised his world. The studio’s previous (and first) game, A Way Out (2018), received a decent but mixed reception: its concept, a two-person playable game, which featured two inmates seeking an escape, was full of good ideas. But a little … rustic, in execution. Despite everything, the story and the variety of situations saved the weakness of the game’s various stages. It takes two takes this concept. Except that it allows itself to be more varied, to hit 100 per hour, to be cool and above all, to deliver truly successful and fun stages of the game.

The two characters, Cody and May, are on the verge of a divorce. Which, inevitably, grieves their daughter Rose. After another argument, Rose’s tears for the two dolls she made in her parents’ statue will, by magic, transfer the spirit of the latter to the two games. Trained by Dr. Hakim, the unbearably hilarious “living” book of magic, Cody and May will have to work together and overcome their differences to find their true bodies. Therefore, they will have to pass the epic halfway between Honey I Shrink the Babies and a Toy Story.

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Perfect for playing as a couple

This extreme adventure can be played for two people only, either “Physically”, on the same sofa, or online with a friend. Fortunately, only one copy of It Takes Two is needed: it is possible to invite an online acquaintance to play, even if he or she does not own the game. And it’s a good idea to try this game together – it’s perfect for playing as a couple – letting all the salt come out of it.

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(Hazelight Studios / EA)

The two characters – who never stop squabbling, in the original translated version only – must collaborate to cross incredible varied levels. Here, it will be necessary to solve puzzles, one of them is able to control time, and the other, to create a copy of himself; There, it will be necessary to defeat swarms of wasps, one with a weapon that casts sticky gel, and the other with a “match stick” that allows the wasps to explode as soon as the other player gets stuck …

A new idea every 5 minutes

Puzzles, shooting, vehicle driving (often inconvenient), platform, and many other things: Players do not have time to see the point of boredom because a new idea, a new way to change the rules of the game. The game appears every 5-10 minutes. So much so that we imagine, after a few hours, that the end of the game will come quickly, because it is unreasonable to maintain such a rhythm, such a variety. But no, there again, It Takes Two is surprising and more than generous with dozens of good hours of gameplay.

It Takes Two, the perfect two-player video game
(Hazelight Studios / EA)

What about the visible universe, this world that we experience? It’s very simple: from start to finish, you feel immersed in the heart of a Pixar movie. It Takes Two is beautiful, lively, glittering and makes you want to stay in different environments (tree garden, rose room, etc.) over and over instead of rushing in a straight line. The game is packed with quite a few completely optional details, like these must-discover mini-games, which allow the two characters to compete “for fun,” here in a tug-of-war, and there is a version of the “mole. And the hammer” “in which Cody plays a hiding mammal.

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Generous, playful, cool: It Takes Two is without a doubt the most beautiful start-up video game surprise. Highly recommended, as long as you are sure you have a playmate.

It takes 2, sur PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X et S. 40 €.

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