June 18, 2024


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It will prevent itself and all other creators from entering the Game Gallery

It will prevent itself and all other creators from entering the Game Gallery

in In Gronkh’s latest YouTube video, he shares his concerns about gamescom, announcing that he will no longer appear as a creator at the fair if it helps solve an issue. MeinMMO tells you what problem it sees and how it intends to solve it.

What is the topic of the video? On September 3, Groench released a video titled “Too many influencers at Gamescom?”It addresses the problems surrounding JamesCom 2023 and presents its proposed solutions.

Although he loves Gamescom and wants to support its continuation, he is concerned about the growing number of visitors who flock to the show mainly due to influencers, buying tickets away from the real players. He sees this as a worrying development that is taking the trade fair in the wrong direction.

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Gronk fears Gamescom is entering a downward spiral

What problem does Groench see? Gronk points out that Gamescom is designed as a game fair. However, in recent years, the show has attracted an increasing number of influential people who have nothing to do with gaming.

Grunch says he’s noticed a large number of TikTokers who aren’t particularly gamers. The creators clearly saw the 2022 MontanaBlack come out and now also want “some cloud.”

This development means that game publishers’ original booths get less attention and publishers pull out of the fair.

As a result, the show is filling in gaps with kiosks from entertainment companies like Netflix, Disney and TikTok, making Messer less attractive to people who want to watch new games.

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This creates a vicious circle in which the original target group of the exhibition is lost.

In addition, Grunach observed the behavior of some of the visitors. He himself had a meet-and-greet next to Red Bull’s creators booth during gamescom. While his fans waited patiently in line, they played UNO together and sang songs to pass the time.

Meanwhile, Groench reported negative incidents at the adjacent stand, the Red Bull Lounge, where visitors threw objects at windows when there was no builder in sight.

He stressed that security should have intervened, but they did not. The Montanablack incident of 2022 has already caused some people to reconsider.

“Influencers are far from Gamescom”

What conclusion did Gronach come to? To address this issue, Grunch suggests that influencers should only appear as guests at Gamescom in the future. But he stresses that he is not sure whether all influencers should be excluded or just a portion of them.

On the other hand, he sees costume designers as another category that should continue to belong to Gamescom.

How will this resolve itself? Grunch brings an innovative problem-solving solution to his community. Starting next year, he plans to organize his own small events where visitors don’t have to queue for hours in the sun.

These events will take place around Gamescom, so people will go to the show to watch the games rather than attend them.

Four small events are planned annually, which will take place in different regions of Germany to enable as many fans as possible to participate. There are already many questions and critical voices in Grunch’s chat about the implementation of his idea. However, he approaches it with humor and emphasizes his serious goal: more time for his fans and more relaxed conversations.

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However, it remains to be seen if and how its events will play out. The future of Gamescom and the role of influencers will continue to animate the gaming community.

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