May 27, 2024


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It Takes Two Co-op has sold over two million copies

Developer Hazelight has great news to share, the co-op adventure game It Takes Two has sold over two million copies.

“We are just in awe of the passion shown by the wonderful people of our game and we couldn’t be happier to see so many co-op fans ❤️”, can we read on the account Twitter d’Hazelight.

Released last March, It Takes Two has sold one million copies in just one month. This popularity is certainly helped by one of the details of this experience. The game can only be played in cooperation, but instead of requiring each of the participants to have a copy, the owner is given the possibility to invite anyone to play with it, whether the other has a copy or not.

If you didn’t know it, it takes two telling the story of Cody and Mae, and the two parents are on the verge of breaking up. Their daughter, grieving over the situation, wants them to stop fighting and reconcile. As a result, Cody and Mai find themselves magically transformed into dolls and must help each other overcome obstacles and become human again.

If you’re curious to know what we think of the game, you can find it in our It takes Two quiz.

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