Today, September 16, it’s finally time: Walheim get with hearth and home Long-awaited content update. Players have been waiting for this for a long time. However, the new update also raises a lot of questions such as: What will happen to my world after the update? Can I keep my progress? Is universal compatible?

Even before the release of the Hearth and Home update, the Iron Gate development team answered the most important questions. Here you can find out what you need to know about the Valheim update release.

You should pay attention to this

  • who – which Valheim Hearth and Home Update موقع It will be activated on September 16th at 3pm.
  • Existing worlds have not been destroyed. The new content should be present after the update. But you may have to collect some ingredients first, others you have to drop from inventory and then pick up again. New ingredients can be found in new areas.
  • The developers recommend New World for a clean start in Hearth & Home right from the start.
  • Once you play a character or world with the Hearth & Home update, it is no longer compatible with older versions of Valheim.
  • It’s a good idea to back up your old worlds before updating. Backing up never hurts, just in case…
  • If you play Valheim with mods, you have to be prepared for some obstacles. Most mods will not work with Hearth & Home from the start. To make sure you can play without problems once the update is available, you should remove all mods beforehand as a precaution – at least temporarily. If you receive an error from Unity Engine when starting the game, you should double-check that all mods have already been removed.
  • The developers ask you to spoil as little as possible so as not to spoil the fun of other players. There is a lot to discover and each player should be able to do it at their own pace.
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Valheim Hearth & Home Trailer website

You can watch the Valheim Hearth & Home animated trailer here:

more Walheim News It can be found here: