August 7, 2022


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Internet failures around the world: banks and tech companies affected

An internet outage occurred in many businesses around the world on Thursday. Tech companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft were affected, as well as banks and airlines in the United States. This emerged from data from the DownDetector error platform. According to web service provider Akamai, the disruption was not caused by a cyber attack.

In Germany, the newspaper “Bild” on its website reported the occurrence of temporary outages. According to its data, “Fox” was also affected. This is the third such incident internationally in two months. In June, it mainly hit social media, government websites and news providers.

On Thursday, information appeared about an error regarding the so-called Domain Name System (DNS) on several websites in question, which as a kind of address service for accessing websites, transfers traditional names to IP addresses made up of numbers. Cloud service provider Akamai Technologies has reported DNS issues, but they can be fixed. Akamai said this evening European time that the disruption was not caused by a cyber attack

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