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Intella X, Neowiz’s Web3 gaming platform, introduces its ecosystem partners

Intella X, Neowiz’s Web3 gaming platform, introduces its ecosystem partners

NEOWIZ Corporation

SEONGNAM, SOUTH KOREA, April 20 /PRNewswire/

Following the recent announcement of $12 million in private funding, Neowiz’s Web3 gaming platform, Intella X, has announced its first ecosystem partners.

The platform’s initial gaming ecosystem consists of more than 30 world-class global partners from various sectors including games, investments, blockchain services, and security to accelerate and support Web3 games through Intella X.

Intella X partners include Polygon, Animoca Brands, Magic Eden, Big Brain Holdings, Planetarium Labs, Global Coin Research (GCR), ConsenSys (Infura), Neowiz, Arumgames, Blue Potion Games, Hidea, Massive Gaming, Modori, Ozys, Web3Auth, CertiK, Haechi Labs, Theori, Block Crafters Capital, Kross Lab, Bora, Crit Ventures, JoyCity, Kaura, Kracker Labs, Mobirix, Neon Games, Pearl Abyss, Widus Partners, Wemix, Swapscanner, and XL Games.

An Intella X representative commented, “With the support of our global ecosystem partners, Intella X is being built as a global hub for the Web3-centric gaming ecosystem that embodies the core values ​​and philosophy of Web3 and the leading Web3 game innovators.”

All partners from their respective industries are committed to accelerating the overall adoption of Web3 and the long-term growth of the Intella X gaming system by joining forces to deliver the highest quality Web3 gaming experience.

Intella X will make its global debut at Polygon in the first quarter of 2023 with its mobile wallet, DEX, NFT marketplace, Launchpad and 2023 gaming offering.

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Information about NEOWIZ Founded in 1997, NEOWIZ (KOSDAQ: 095660) is a pioneer and one of the leading toy companies in Korea. Since 2003 the company has over It has successfully released a wide range of games for PC and mobile devices, as well as highly successful titles such as FIFA Online, Brave Nine, DJMAX Respect, Skul: The Hero Slayer, Cats & Soup, and Gamescom’s highly anticipated triple Lies of P.

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