June 13, 2024


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Intel accelerates Arc graphics cards on Linux

Intel accelerates Arc graphics cards on Linux

Intel optimized the free graphics driver for Linux and thus also improved the gaming performance of the Arc A770, A750, A380 graphics cards and their first-generation Intel Xe HPG (“Alchemist”) mobile derivatives in terms of frames per second by up to 11 percent. The improvements are currently being incorporated into Mesa 23.2, the next major release of the open source Mesa 3D graphics stack.

More gaming performance on Linux

how tom devices I first mentioned that gamers who own an Intel Arc A770, Arc A750, or Arc A380 and run it on Linux should get a worthwhile boost in frame rates with the latest optimizations and bug fixes for the open source Intel graphics software. These changes flow directly into the latest Mesa code and will be an integral part of the release of Mesa 3D v23.2. currently Mesa v23.1.3 From 22 June.