April 18, 2024


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Windows 11 Microsoft Android apps

Installs Android applications directly on Windows 11 without the need for a store

One of the most interesting features Microsoft released with Windows 11 this week is native support for Android applications. This feature further opens the system and instantly brings a range of new applications.

As expected Microsoft has prepared its entire system to keep everything within its App Store. However, there is question about the possibility of direct installation. Confirmation now comes directly from the well-known Microsoft Insider.

For many years Microsoft wanted to bring mobile applications to Windows 10 and now to Windows 11. These programs were never fully completed, with the option for Android, even if the Apple system was closed to these conditions.

As we saw in my phone app, if you need a connection between PC and smartphone, everything will change. Microsoft should run these apps on its own, using only local resources, not smartphone responses.

To bring security to this whole process, Microsoft decided to partner with Amazon and its App Store. While this is not a generic and consistent Android platform, this App Store has the greatest offer and the highest trust for users.

The question that most users left with this ad was, can applications be loaded out of this store, now, clarifies this situation, Miguel de Icasa It was revealed that these applications can be installed directly on Windows 11.

Windows 11 Microsoft Android Applications

It is not clear how this process will be carried out or what requirements will be met. The presence of the APK is mandatory, but there must already be changes and other related processes within Windows 11.

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This is great news for Windows 11 and its users. May open doors for other stores and other uses. However, it can also be a door opener to all known security issues that are likely.