July 20, 2024


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In video, the BCN3D smart locker solution

In video, the BCN3D smart locker solution

This week we discovered a BCN3D solution for preserving 3D printing materials. Called the smart locker, according to the manufacturer, it allows you to store your strings in the most optimal conditions. After that, he moved to the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, where the Eurovision 3D organizers printed the trophy for the contest winner. Finally, Ultimaker introduces its latest leads. Named Ultimaker PETG, it will prevent all kinds of problems during the printing process. Anyway, we wish you a very happy Sunday!

Top 1: BCN3D Smart Locker: With smart locker, BCN3D provides customers with storage space for their bristles. According to the manufacturer, this new solution keeps materials in perfect condition, for example by controlling filament moisture in order to increase performance during printing operations. Finally, according to BCN3D, the smart locker can be moved easily but is large enough to hold up to 10 small spools of yarn:

Top 2: Eurovision 3D Prints Contest Cup: For the 2021 edition of Eurovision to be held in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam to be exact, the organizers decided to 3D print the trophy. It is printed from recycled PET, and using CFAM printer. During the printing process, the printer continually adds fibers (in this case glass) to the print material, resulting in a tough, sturdy, and thus more durable finish. PET was used to make the cup from waste found at sea, which is Eurovision’s way of democratizing the circular economy:

Top 3: Batiprint 3D and Building Buildings: The emerging Batiprint 3D is inspired by scientific work to develop new solutions around building technologies. Thanks to new construction methods, including 3D printing, Batiprint 3D hopes to reduce the environmental impact and reduce costs. Pinoit Furette The co-founder and Director of Innovation at Batiprint 3D explains that thanks to new materials and technologies, it is possible to reinvent our building methods:

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Top 4: Ultimaker’s new leads: Recently, the Dutch manufacturer unveiled a new 3D printing material, Ultimaker PETG filament. Ultimaker PETG filament is designed to avoid problems during the printing process, such as warping or filament formation, and is as easy to print as PLA. The manufacturer specifies that Thanks to its balance between hardness and hardness, its chemical resistance and its resistance to temperature and corrosion, its new yarns are suitable for many industrial environments:

Top 5: The future of 3D printing: Since its introduction in 1986, 3D printing has gradually become democratic. Previously, the technology was mainly used to manufacture tool parts for factories and other assembly lines. Today, however, additive manufacturing can be found in many sectors. Whether in the construction sector, medicine or food, technology has become essential for a large number of fields. And in the future, there is a good chance that additive manufacturing will affect more and more sectors:


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