October 24, 2021


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Idyllic farm building, village life and first person invention

Idyllic farm building, village life and first person invention

In Stoxel Everything can be fixed! Players build everything by block – be it their own remodeling of the farm house or village shop according to their taste. You will explore the world from an ego perspective and experience country life up close. It doesn’t matter if the players * want to have a comfortable, extravagant house or their own magic tower, they can build it themselves according to their ideas.

As new stores and homes are built, NPCs move on – there are many strange characters to meet. It does not matter to every villager whether you want to build a castle or make the village more modern: everything is possible, and there are a large number of decorative building blocks to discover!

Outside the village there is a whole world to explore, water to fish, insects to hunt and other worlds to explore. If players create a museum, they can display their finds there. Meet mysterious travelers, enjoy unusual decorations and find some fantastic items for your own farm and construction projects.

Full Steam for Mac and Linux systems

Today, there are also newer Mac and Linux versions Stoxel Posted on PC! All fans can finally live up to their farm fantasies in this version specially created for their operating system. To celebrate the day, Steam has a 25% discount on the daily contract – there has never been a better time to start a new life Stoxel To start.

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