May 25, 2024


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How to Grow in the Entertainment Business, According to Music Rep David Bolno

Making it big inside the ultra-aggressive worlds of music, movies, TV, social media stardom, and different fundamental entertainment fields is one of the hardest situations a creative individual can take on. Millions of immensely gifted individuals are all vying for identical roles, deals, funding, and spotlights at any given second.

So how do you give yourself a real shot at flourishing in those environments instead of just spinning your wheels year after year? According to David Bolno – one of the most respected business managers for artists like Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone, Pharrell Williams, and other huge names – the path to sustainable entertainment success requires a potent mix of artistic dedication, professional savvy, resilience, and long-term strategic planning.

Drawing from his decades of experience guiding both emerging and iconic talents behind the scenes, Bolno shared some invaluable insights on separating yourself from the billions of other wannabe stars vying for the same brass rings. Here’s his advice:

Never Stop Honing Your Core Crafts

First and foremost, Bolno stresses the critical importance of relentlessly refining your core creative skills – whatever discipline they may be for your desired path in entertainment.

At the end of the day, no amount of networking or hustle can compensate for a lack of true skills and artistry. Bolno always emphasizes developing legitimate excellence as the foundation before anything else.

Along with skill-building though, Bolno highlights how crucial it is for any aspiring entertainer to stay incredibly dialled into the latest entertainment industry news, trends, innovative projects, and emerging opportunities constantly surfacing.

“This business moves at warp speed and is always evolving to adapt to new technologies, consumption behaviours, and revenue models,” says Bolno. “You have to be a dedicated student always learning what’s next and looking for edges to stand out.”

Whether it’s reading the latest trade publications, tuning into podcasts from respected voices, or attending insider seminars, dedicated entertainment professionals need to treat upskilling as their homework each week to stay ahead of the curve and maintain an edge.

Cultivate a Captivating Digital Presence

Of course, in today’s digital world, being an elite-level creative is simply table stakes for getting noticed in entertainment. You also need an intentional online content strategy showcasing your personality, talents, and unique identity to the world.

Whether it’s sharing performance clips, works-in-progress, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or just engaging with followers directly, putting sincere work into your targeted web presence is a non-negotiable part of the modern entertainment journey. 

Be Persistent Through Rejection

No matter how polished and prepared you become though, rejection is still an unavoidable reality for anyone pursuing entertainment stardom. Every household name you admire dealt with innumerable closed doors and negative comments before their breakthroughs.

To borrow a sports analogy, brushing off the inevitable rejection “losses” and focusing forward on the next opportunity with unwavering self-belief is a prerequisite for any potential big “wins” ahead.

Find Experienced Guides and Mentors

Of course, not having to brave all those ups, downs, and lessons completely solo makes the climb more manageable too. That’s why Bolno advises finding trusted advisors and mentors who can share wisdom from what they’ve already learned.

This could be formal relationships, informational interviews, seminars taught by veterans, or even just studiously following specific industry authorities on social media to soak up their philosophies. However you do it, surrounding yourself with people pulling from deeper wells of knowledge can advance your development exponentially.

Mind Your Money and Long-Term Vision

On the practical side of building an enduring entertainment career, Bolno emphasizes the often underrated role of sound financial management and protections from day one. All too many talented individuals have stumbled by overlooking this element.

“We see clients at every level struggle with lack of money discipline – both during periods of scarcity and sudden wealth,” Bolno explains. “Creating sustainable budgets, support funds, safety nets and long-term investing blueprints pays huge dividends down the line.”

Working alongside a trusted business manager or financial advisor who understands the ebbs and flows of entertainment can ensure you stay on stable economic footing while establishing passive income streams to ride out inevitable dry spells between projects.

Maintain Poise and Social Intelligence

Last but certainly not least, Bolno advises every aspiring entertainer to never lose sight of the power of emotional intelligence and basic professionalism through the roller coaster of pursuing stardom. Having strong social skills and conducting yourself in class matters.

While healthy confidence and self-advocacy are vital, arrogance and burned bridges can derail promising careers before they ever really have a chance to take off in earnest. Don’t be “that person” known for diva horror stories. Let your unwavering work ethic and likeable approach speak for itself.

Achieving major fame in entertainment is an incredibly arduous journey few ever complete. But by staying focused on artistic growth, industry immersion, personal branding, resilience, networking, financial intelligence and steadfast humility, you’ll give yourself the best possible shot at rising above the rest and realizing your wildest dreams.