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How digital technology is making agriculture sustainable

How digital technology is making agriculture sustainable

Study “Precision Agriculture”

February 28, 2023

Written by Simon Fisher

Matthias Meyer grew up in the country. He can reconcile his love of what soil has to offer with the digital media of his precision agriculture course. The show is “tailor-made” — and certainly not just for it.

Student assistant Matthias Meyer (right), Professor Burckhardt and Ringer (center) with a research assistant inspect a drone before take-off. With the drone, soil and vegetation conditions can be analyzed with millimeter precision.
Photo: THOWL

Mathias Meyer loves the earth. At the age of eight he learned to drive a tractor. “Sowing and seeing how something grows is an essential experience for me every year.” When he first consciously became aware of the process of sowing, growing, and harvesting, he was 14 years old and knew: “This is for me. I want to work in this field someday.”

He is now 20 years old and studying Precision Agriculture at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences (TH OWL) in the fifth semester. The English term “precision farming” includes site-specific and targeted management of farmland using digital process technologies.