April 17, 2024


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Hein de Haas confronts “22 legends”.

Hein de Haas confronts “22 legends”.

HIt won't be long before Germany discusses a question that has so far only been asked in passing: Will Ukrainians also have to apply for asylum in the future? Until now, a special European rule applies to them, whereby those seeking protection from the country invaded by Russia receive the money of citizens directly in this country. This question has already been asked by the free states of Saxony and Bavaria. If a serious difference of opinion arises as a result, responsible politicians might place the latest book by Dutch migration researcher Heine de Haas on their desk or on their bedside table. Anyone reading it will find interesting ideas, examples and arguments that also apply to future discussions. This includes the issue of asylum and Ukrainians – but one at a time.

In his book “Migration – 22 popular myths and what's really behind them”, Heine de Haas, a professor in Amsterdam and Maastricht, presents an exciting work that addresses complex issues in understandable language. The book is intended not only for politicians and experts, but also for anyone interested in the topic of migration. By deconstructing well-known immigration theses and trying to expose them as myths, the author may offend left-wing liberals and conservatives alike. This is one of the strengths of the book: every reader, regardless of their political orientation, will question their own ideas about immigration as they read it. Whether you ultimately agree with all of the author's assessments is of secondary importance.