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This is one Kevin Hart (playing himself) He can laugh, he proves it a lot. But in fact, the actor would like to achieve more in his career. His secret dream is to leave comedy behind and become an action star. That’s why he even accepts that he messes with everyone – like he was shown on a talk show ripping his own movie. While the work was not endorsed, director Claude van de Velde (Jean Reno) fell for the man with the big goals. But before he hires him for a movie, he must first go through the tough action school. Literally: Ron Wilcox (john Travolta) strengthened countless other actors and prepared them for their careers as heroes. Although Hart’s condition is really tough in that regard…

The comedian makes an action hero

It’s been over two years since the streaming service Quibi It was discontinued, just a few months after launch. The idea of ​​creating a series specifically for mobile devices with episodes running under ten minutes was original, but it didn’t really resonate with audiences. However, a few of the titles featured there have been given a second chance by being edited into a film. make a splash The most dangerous gamea few weeks ago survive published. Now come on Amazon Prime Video with Difficult Indeed the third film based on the Quibi series, although information varies as to whether it is a compilation like the two series above or a true remake.

At least nothing has changed in the story. Also in the movie version, Kevin Hart plays a fictionalized version of himself who is determined to make it big as an action star. However, unlike the aforementioned thrillers, the movie itself is clearly considered a comedy. Just a Comedy makes fun of comics and movies in general. So right there at the beginning Difficult Like referring to the films in which the fictional Hart starred Dwayne Johnson He must have turned around. There was definitely a huge success Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle belief. Other than that, people like to talk about filmmaking with a wink, including name-dropping and cameos. That’s how it happens Josh Hartnett As Josh Hartnett who attended the aforementioned work school. Also, the title is of course a reference to Difficultin this country Die hard a favour.

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Between self-mocking and old jokes

It would have been amused. A little self-loathing never hurt anyone. And to his credit, Hart has no problem with making fun of himself and being ridiculous in the process. It’s bittersweet in a way that the movie Hart does the very things he’s been trying to escape from during his training. But it should satisfy comedian fans who are Difficult Not just playing himself. He also cracks the typical jokes he’s known for. If you love them and don’t mind repeating them over and over again, you might even enjoy the comedy. Saab, whether it’s in a movie or a movie pretending it’s not a movie.

On the other hand, if you haven’t been able to do anything with the actor yet, you won’t be taught anything better. Gags are monotonous, Hart himself has a brick-and-mortar changeability, only the essentials are extracted from the concept. Every now and then this can be very nice, the group is in a very good mood. With a running time of just over 80 minutes, the movie finished relatively quickly. However Difficult In general, it’s a waste of time if the story feels too stagnant after the somewhat sympathetic start despite the crescendo. The movie revival of the series is hardly needed.


extra time: Die Hart: The Movie
nation: United States of America
year: 2023
exit: Eric Apple
script: Tripper Clancy
music: Leo Berenberg, Zack Robinson
camera: Glenn Brown
works: Kevin Hart, John Travolta, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jean Reno, Josh Hartnett, Kenneth Trujillo