July 1, 2022


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Hacking gang puts employee and guest data online: daily traffic

The ALPHV hacker gang, also known as BlackCat, wants to increase the pressure on their victims with a new scam. To do this, the group created a special website where data captured from hotel guests and employees are presented. This appears to be intended to increase pressure on companies to meet the ransom demand.

As part of the attack, the gang claims to have stolen 112GB of data from 1,500 employees. Instead of publishing the data to the Tor dark web, as is usually the case, ALPHV went one step further and created the website. Staff and guests can use this to check if their data was stolen during the attack on the hotel.

While guest data includes names, dates of arrival, and accommodation costs, employee data provides more detail and also includes Social Security numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers, and email addresses.

The goal of this page appears to be to persuade employees and guests to pressure the attacked company to pay the required ransom. Security analyst Brett Kalow discovered the new strategy:

“ALPHV undoubtedly hopes that this tactic will increase the likelihood of monetization of the attacks,” Kalou said in an interview with computer is bleeding.

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