September 21, 2023


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Gütersloh, Brands Games Check, Wilde Serengeti review from Kobold Spielverlag, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Gütersloh, Brands Games Check, Wilde Serengeti review from Kobold Spielverlag, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Gütersloh, Brands Games Check, Wilde Serengeti review from Kobold Spielverlag

Who among us has not sat excitedly in front of a #TV when #documentaries from foreign countries flashed on the screen?

1 to 4 players aged 10 years and above can now experience this with the Wilde Serengeti from Kobold Verlag during a playing time of 45 to 120 minutes (depending on the number of players).

The basic principle is relatively simple: our task is to depict certain animals in certain types of landscapes in a certain composition.

Recently, there has been one game or another where a well-known game mechanic has been put on a theme, making it look completely interchangeable. This is not the case with Wilde #Serengeti and this starts with the nature of the game material.

Twelve different types of animals were made in four different classes of wood and painted accordingly. It is placed in the discovery area, which, along with the large game board, forms the heart of the game. However, the so-called Immortality Rock with its two platforms is quite striking.

The scene cards we receive at the beginning of the game tell us which formations we should get in front of the camera. It soon becomes clear that you can say goodbye to the idea that it’s just information from one animal after another. It takes a while to get to grips with the different profiles, but then the symbolism on the scene cards is self-explanatory.

But eternity rock isn’t just a decorative accessory. Much more, it indicates each player’s income at the beginning of the round and also two rankings after Round 4 and Round 6, which are comparable to movie and TV awards, are based on Eternal Rock.

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Mechanism of Action is the process of hiring workers that allows me to perform an action by pushing a coin. Workers are, of course, assigned in an appropriate fashion using #camera.

Now you can take an animal from one of the four classes, depending on what the scene card says. However, you can also switch animal modes or move an animal on the landscape board, which not only allows you to position yourself better, but may also frustrate the opponent’s plans. Because the current scene cards are always open. You also have the option to take another scene card.

A feature of worker mode is that not all workspaces can be used by all players. This is not the case with Wilde Serengeti, with an additional cost of one additional coin, the action is also possible for everyone. However, it is often advisable to swipe first or prefer another procedure. Because two actions can certainly be performed in one turn, but the second costs two coins.

However, if you complete one or more commands in the form of scenes during the shooting day, this is not a separate action. This can be done instantly and the rewards awarded for it can be obtained.

As mentioned earlier, there are three different types of scenes, each of which differs in the way the animals are arranged in relation to each other and in additional prerequisites. There is another trick or trick in the different scenes, which you will discover in the second or third match at the latest. This is the case with us, for example, we only noticed in the fourth game that the animals in a jigsaw scene must follow each other in a direct line, but also not in adjacent fields.

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The ambition to tie the different scenes together as successfully as possible leads to a high level of replay in Wilde Serengeti. And even if there is the potential for conflict in switching and moving animals at first glance, you quickly lose this aspect of the game and focus instead on fulfilling the desires of your customers.

Particularly interesting in this game is the period between the rounds of the game, which is called preparation for the payday. As mentioned earlier, the Rock of Eternity is also an indicator of what happens between rounds. In addition to the award ceremony already mentioned, the migration of large animals ensures movement on the landscape scheme. Here it is not just once in our game rounds that shooting plans for certain scenes have been completely thrown overboard in one fell swoop. So, if you realize from the rock of eternity that such a great exodus of animals is imminent, you should complete the scenes you have already started if possible.

Wild Serengeti is a relatively long game with a playing time of up to two hours. However, the theme of the game, backed by beautiful high-quality game textures and continuous movement on the landscape board, makes this time fly by.

Hartmut Brand, Escape room news center

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