May 27, 2024


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GTA 5: AI develops a playable beta

Meanwhile, GTA 5 was released almost like Skyrim. The latter is still getting ridiculously ahead with the release of Amazon Alexa, but GTA 5 is now catching up with an AI-developed version.

With GAN Theft Auto, Nvidia’s GameGAN technology has been trained to create its own version of Grand Theft Auto 5. The title may be far from perfect, but it’s at least as fast as GTA 5 for those familiar with the game. (Buy now 149.99 EUR ) Identify.

In a video by Syndex Explains the project in more detail. A variety of scenes were shown on AI with cars from GTA 5. Then the neural network did the rest.

This GTA-5 port is not a simulated recording or anything like that, but an actual playable video game. Really not a lot of content is offered to the player, you can just drive in the car, but it’s still really interesting to think that this is entirely AI-generated.

The game also contains some details. All combinations are of course “softened” because this was not created by humans but by a computer, but not only were the rough aesthetics reproduced, but smaller details were also reproduced, such as the reaction of another car when the player was driving in reverse.

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in one Another video from Syntdex It shows exactly how the AI ​​was trained and how certain things were learned. For example, the AI ​​had to recognize which part of the image represented the actual road.

A gameplay demo of the title as well as more technical information can be found at Sentdex’s GitHub page.

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