May 29, 2024


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Gronk criticizes this in the Games Gallery

Gronk criticizes this in the Games Gallery

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YouTube veteran Gronkh talks about Gamescom on his stream. He talks about his main concerns about the Games Fair.

Hamburg – YouTube giant Gronkh recently talked about Gamescom 2023 in his Twitch stream. He has shared with his fans that he loves the annual Toy Fair in Cologne and enjoys being there. However, he also speaks out about his concerns and is highly critical of Gamescom. What are his thoughts and should his fans face the consequences?

full name Eric Ring
known as Gronk
date of birth April 10, 1977
place of birth Brunswick
followers on twitch 1.6 million (as of August 2023)
YouTube followers 4.94 million (as of August 2023)

Gronkh settles scores with Gamescom – Too many influential people at Gamescom?

Grunch on his love for Gamescom: Gronkh has uploaded a streaming clip on the current topic to his YouTube channel Best Of. In it, he confirms that he loves Gamescom very much and hopes that the Games Show will continue. The announcer also says: “I think I only missed the Games Conference twice. (…) Since then I’ve been to Gamescom every year. Every year.”

Gronk goes on to mention that he has a huge passion for video games and also loves being at game fairs. Therefore, the subject is very close to his heart and he is very concerned about the future of the exhibition. But what is his problem?

Gronkh on the issues with Gamescom: “I’m afraid she is [Anm.d.Red. Gemeint ist die Gamecom] It evolved in the wrong direction.” Grunach means this noticeable trend that more and more creators and influencers can be found at the show each year. According to him, fans would storm the halls to see their idols. All others who are there for the games will lose. Gronk adds that Gamescom should be a great meeting point for gamers, not influencers.

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Gronkh slams Gamescom © Twitch: Gronkh (montage)

Twitch streamer MckyTV also recently commented on Gamescom on Twitter, today X. He’s also having some issues with the show: MckyTV gave away Gamescom giveaways this year – losing the love of video games.

Gronkh and Gamescom – what happens next for the show’s broadcaster?

Grunch about the future: My plan is that from next year we will try to organize our own smaller events. Youtube detection. In return, Gamescom will grant permission. “Maybe I won’t be at Gamescom itself anymore, but around Gamescom.” The live streamer and YouTuber thus announces that he may not be actively present at Gamescom in the future.

It is a noticeable trend currently as more and more influencers can be seen in this mega event. As a result, smaller broadcasters in particular are hoping to make valuable connections. Last year, MontanaBlack turned the show on its head. Video games were secondary there. However, Gamescom remains an important part of the gaming scene for many. Here you can learn more about last year’s Game Show scandal: MontanaBlack settles scores with Twitch mates and bans Gamescom.