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Greetings to people and their differences

Greetings to people and their differences

17.05.2021 – 10:48

Click Books & Authors – Hauke ​​Wagner

Today I can present to you the book “Short Stories about Homo sapiens in his Natural Environment: A Tribute to People and Their Differences” written by Entje Langebhn.

Encounters with people and animals are humorous and are the components of this short story. A mountain biker who got insight after his first tour, alleged strangers who became friends, cash withdrawals with obstacles, and a visit to an ice cream shop unleash unexpected fantasies

If you want to hide the hustle and bustle of everyday life for the sake of a blink of an eye, these little wink stories are fun.

Curious? I would be happy if you would like to know more about this book and read it so that you can then decide whether to post a review on the book. Do you have questions about the book or the author? Do you want to arrange an interview? Do you want a reading copy? You can inquire from me directly at [email protected].

For the book:Short Stories about Homo sapiens in his Natural Environment: A Tribute to People and Their Differences by Antje Langeben, 88 pages, 9.95 euros, ISBN: 9783751909365, e-book: ASIN B08Q4LLJ69, 4.99 euros

About the author:Antje Langbehn operates as an independent office service provider for several companies in Northern Germany. In your work, you must adhere to consistent structure, organization and guidelines. Writing offers a creative balance. With a little imagination on the one hand, and a lot of humor on the other hand, short stories reflecting everyday experiences appear in comic form.

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