July 21, 2024


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Green IT: How sustainable is your technology?

Green IT: How sustainable is your technology?

First, we must realize that the electronics manufacturing process is often very energy intensive and often associated with high carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, e-waste is created when devices become obsolete. Globally, we generate more than 50 million tons of e-waste each year, of which only a small fraction is recycled.

One way to reduce our digital footprint is to use our devices for as long as possible. This means repairing them rather than replacing them, and only updating them when necessary. We at Lefimatik provide professional PC and Smartphone services to extend the life of your devices.

Another option is to pay attention to energy efficiency. Many devices have power saving modes, and newer devices are often more efficient than their older counterparts. In addition, using cloud services can help reduce energy consumption, since large data centers often run more efficiently than individual servers or computers.

Finally, it is important to properly dispose of used electronics. Many materials can be recycled into electronics, and recycling can save valuable resources. At Lefimatik, we not only support you in using your technology, but also in safe and environmentally friendly disposal.

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