March 3, 2024


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Google stops tracking browsing data

Google wants to further reduce web browsing traffic on Chrome. Earlier last year, the group had already promised to phase out third-party cookies from its browser. Now Google has announced that it will not use any other tools or make them in such a way as to alter the functionality of cookies. According to a blog post by an American company earlier this week, Reuters announced.

“Keeping the Internet open and accessible to all, we must do more to protect privacy,” Google was quoted as saying. It not only does without third-party cookies, but also uses all technologies to track people on the Internet.

Ending the tracking of Internet traffic is an attempt to meet “increased standards” of data security in Europe and the United States, and it continues. For years, companies like Google have been criticized by data security activists. With the help of cookies, they collect browsing data on third-party websites and create their users’ profiles to display personalized ads. By the way, how to remove annoying cookie banners in the browser, Read here.

Google is constantly testing ways to retain promotional material for similarly interested large groups.

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