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Google, Samsung, Qualcomm ‘Project Moohan’ AR Headset Development Project Reported To Fail As Soon As Possible – GIGAZINE

Google, Samsung, Qualcomm ‘Project Moohan’ AR Headset Development Project Reported To Fail As Soon As Possible – GIGAZINE

Google announced in February 2023 that it will jointly develop an Android (augmented reality) headset with Samsung and Qualcomm. However, reports indicate that this development project is about to come to a standstill as soon as possible.

Google’s augmented reality projects are said to be facing more setbacks

“Project Mohan” is Google and Samsung’s inevitable version of Apple Vision Pro | Ars Technica

Samsung held a new product launch in February 2023Galaxy unlocked 2023announced a project to jointly develop AR/VR headsets in partnership with Google and Qualcomm.

Samsung, Google and Qualcomm are working together to develop a new AR/VR – GIGAZINE

But the economic mediaBusiness interestedAccording to the company, although this joint development project is promoted under the name “Project Mohan”, it has already become the seed of a political struggle within Google.

“Samsung told Google that Google’s augmented reality hardware development team, which exists separately from Project Mohan, shared information on Project Mohan,” said a person familiar with Project Mohan. The technology of this project is known because there is potential to develop a competing product.” It seems that Samsung has already begun to take the lead in the project, and the former employee said: “In this partnership between Google and Samsung, it is likely that Samsung will have decision-making power regarding product features, and no one can hold the reins.” “The project’s lead. It’s easy to get into a situation,” he said.

Korean Economic Mediasbs usAccording to Applevision proIn response to this announcement, Samsung postponed the plan to start production of the augmented reality headset, so the augmented reality headset jointly developed by Google and Samsung may not be announced until mid-2024. There is also a voice from within Google that “there are not enough Time to develop an augmented reality device that will surprise the world.” “Obviously there is enough budget and space to handle Apple’s Vision Pro. It’s not in.”

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Google has been actively developing in the field of augmented reality for more than a decade, but support for augmented reality devices will end completely in September 2023.Google Glass Enterprise EditionHe hasn’t come out since. However, Google announced in January 2023 that “AR glasses can translate sentences in real timeetc. to develop.Iris projectHowever, this Iris project was also cancelled, and it was reported in June 2023 that it was focused on building software rather than hardware.

Report that Google has returned the “Project Iris” augmented reality headset development project to a blank slate – GIGAZINE

Additionally, Eddie Chan, a senior product manager who worked on Project Iris, announced in February 2023 that Mark Lukowski, head of augmented reality software at Google,July 2023In addition, they all left Google, and it is also a big problem for Google to leave the human resources related to AR that have been invested and developed over many years. It seems that the technology related to augmented reality that Google has developed so far will be put into practice and the plan to go out into the world will be greatly hindered.

However, Google has not completely abandoned the development of augmented reality glasses, and Google is exploring ways to use artificial intelligence in augmented reality glasses, so Project Iris is the “Betty” monocular augmented reality glass development project and it seems that they are considering merging it into a binocular AR glass development project “Barry”.

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