May 25, 2024


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Google review without text and without comments?  Has it been deleted ⚠️

Google review without text and without comments? Has it been deleted ⚠️

You were rated on Google without text, that is, without comment, only one star? This is annoying. But something can be done about it.

No text or comment in Google review means legally there are opportunities to attack.

Without comment, the review is at risk. In many cases, only a star rating is not allowed in this form.

There is even case law on this matter. My office will be happy to assist you. Send me an email with your case and I will give you a free initial evaluation.

Without text and without comment in the review – and without a name?

Before I get into why Google Input without text is vulnerable to attack, we'd like to point out another case scenario. This is similar and can therefore be legally treated in the same way.

These are the cases where you received a negative review on Google without a name. Anonymous classification refers to cases where an alias or confusing sequence of letters and numbers has been used.

So the person doing the review is anonymous, with no real name.

In principle, a review can be written on Google anonymously, but the person making the review should expect that his entry could be attacked (result: the review will be deleted).

If a review is written without a real name, the company doing the review will not be able to determine if there has been any contact with the customer at all.

Does the person writing an anonymous review identify the company being reviewed in any way?

This is exactly what ignorance should be disputed about. Either out of court or in court if necessary. Because without a name, the entry cannot be assigned and the contest may have written it as well. This is the legal starting point for deleting this review.

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Frequently Asked Questions Delete Google Reviews – Top 40 Questions and Answers

Review without text = not accepted immediately?

Not every Google entry created without text, i.e. with only a star rating, is automatically disapproved. You can't delete everything. Sometimes you don't even want to delete.

Because it's possible that your rating is good, meaning you get full stars – but no feedback.

No one has anything against such a review without comment.

But what is annoying are the cases where only one star is given without text. This is annoying because it means reputational damage caused by the rating and no one knows why the rating is bad. Something like this should be deleted for those affected.

The fact that no text is included and no commentary is posted is what makes it so damaging to its reputation. Here, objective observers assume that someone must be very dissatisfied.