April 2, 2023


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Google releases 3 promotional videos for “upgrading to Android” – Jetstream BLOG

  • Google has released the Android “Upgrade to Android” Series 3 promotional video
  • Three video titles: “Meet your new Android phone,” “Video call and text on your new Android phone,” and “Connect your favorite devices to your new Android phone.”
  • Content that primarily encourages users to migrate from iOS to Android devices

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, Google released the Android “Upgrade to Android” Series 3 promotional video on the YouTube video service.

The “Upgrading to Android” series videos released this time are about “upgrading to Android”. Although it is not obvious, it is mainly to encourage users to migrate from iOS devices to Android. The video titles are “Getting Around Your New Android Phone,” “Video Call and Text on Your New Android Phone,” and “Connect Your Favorite Devices to Your New Android Device.” (Connect your favorite device to your new Android device).

The language in the video is English, but you can also watch Japanese subtitled videos with subtitles (English) + machine translation (Japanese).

16 languages! YouTube to support automatic translation of subtitles[Google I / O 2022]

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Translation (English) + machine translation (Japanese)

Especially if you are thinking of switching from iPhone to Android, why not take a look at the “Upgrade to Android” series of videos released this time?


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