December 7, 2023


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Google Chrome 117 Stable Version Released, Animation Function and Ability to Overwrite Content with Adding Local Files – GIGAZINE

Google Chrome 117 Stable Version Released, Animation Function and Ability to Overwrite Content with Adding Local Files – GIGAZINE

Internet browser”Google ChromeThe latest stable version of “ has been released, version 117.0.5938.63. In addition to making it easier to set start and end animations, we’ve added functionality to collection arrays, and the ability to replace location code with local code.

What’s new in Chrome 117 – Chrome Developers

What’s new in Chrome 117: CSS for smooth entry and exit animations, array array and simplified local overrides – YouTube

◆ Start/end animation function will be added
The ‘Transition Behavior’ property has been added, and it is now possible to animate separate properties such as ‘Display’ by setting the ‘Allow Break’ value.

Also, by specifying @rule “@starting-style”, it is now possible to specify the initial state when an item is loaded. For example, if you select the following, the “.item” item will be drawn from the top. To actually try the process, after updating to Chrome 117,experimentalPlease check it.

And also CSS[open]Using it in combination with themesDialogueorPopIt is possible to move it when it is displayed on the top layer.

The picture of the process is like this. If you can’t play the movie, please try using Chrome.

◆ Added the ability to group arrays
Object. groupByAndMap. groupByFunctions have been added and it is now possible to group arrays using these functions.

For example, consider the following matrix.

It’s okay if you define “how to group” using the second argument of Object.groupBy. You can group by “Type” as shown below.

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◆ Added the ability to replace the site code with the local code
Open the Grid tab in Developer Tools, right-click the part you want to overwrite, and then click Override Content.

When you first override, you must specify the working folder.

You will be asked for access rights to the selected folder, so click Allow.

Overtaking is now possible. Your local code will now load as if you had downloaded the code from the Internet.

◆ Other changes
・In network planning, “Subnet” It seems
It is now possible to overlap networks.

・Stop the “discharge” event.sessionIt is now possible
A setting to deprecate the cancellation event has been added to help developers ensure that their site continues to function properly after deprecating the cancellation event.

Also, Google Chrome 117 has16 security bug fixesIt includes.

The next stable release, “Google Chrome 118”, is scheduled to be released on October 10, 2023 local time.

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