April 23, 2024


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Google Assistant - Android Automotive Update for extra functionality

Google Assistant – Android Automotive Update for extra functionality

Google Assistant is included in Android Automotive, but it is currently strictly restricted. Now Google is announcing an update, namely “Remote Actions”. It aims to further expand the functionality between Android Automotive and Google Assistant.

Remote Actions – Android Automotive is getting more and more elaborate

At the current CES 2022, Google announced special features for Android Automotive and Google Assistant. This will make networking between your devices even better in the future. Volvo drivers will soon benefit from additional functions related to Google Assistant through the update.

Previously Google Assistant could only ask questions about the value of the vehicle directly on the vehicle. It should now switch to:

You can turn your car on and off in the coming months, control the temperature and get information about your car On all devices with Assistant enabled Starting with Volvo cars

Google calls this innovation Remote actions. This allows you to enable air conditioning or auxiliary heating from any device in your car. You can also ask for values ​​such as battery level or tank filling.

These remote actions must first go to Volvo and then to other manufacturers’ vehicles that use the Android Automotive OS.

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