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Except for the Ratchet & Clang split: Locations of all armored parts

Except for the Ratchet & Clang split: Locations of all armored parts

The long-awaited PlayStation 5 exclusive “Ratchet & Clang: Except for the Rift” is now available in stores. In the best series tradition, all kinds of collections await you, including eight armor collections. We will help you find them all.

I hit the PlayStation 5 At Ratchet & Clang: Except for the split “ Aside from the cracking process, there are all sorts of things to find common in the series. Next Gold bolt And Spyboats Sometimes on more detailed levels you can also find pieces of armor. You can collect a total of eight sets for the ratchet and rivet, each consisting of three parts. These are worth keeping your eyes open as they give you some bonus.

That’s why we’re going to tell you where you are All 24 shields In the latest creation of insomnia games. This time, unlike the Gold Bolt, we did not go through the planets one after the other, but set the shield.

Split # 1 except Armor Set: Captain Starshield

Set bonus: Get 20% extra experience

  • Hero Mask: You can see the dimensional fold Southeast of the barren land in Savali. In the other dimension you only have to complete a small course.
  • Hero Case: You can see this dimensional fold Department of Production on Cordelian, But variation of location Destroyed dimensionBefore completing the clich பகுதியை part.
  • Hero Band: On the planet Ardolis You can find another dimensional fold and come back out after completing the pirate test. On top of that Right side of the wrong path Some of the boards are loose, and you enter inside. At the bottom of the beach you will find the fold and the band in it.
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Split Apart Armor Set # 2: Galactic Defense Team

Set bonus: Melee damage increased by 20%

  • Defense Force Space Helmet: Ann Sarcasso You have to complete a dimensional fold as part of the story you are dealing with Dart beetles Learns. You can find the helmet there.
  • Shootstroop Combat Attire: Um North of Bleacher Prime You can see a dimensional fold where the body of this armor set is hidden.
  • Security Troop Boots: If this is your second time Sarcasso You can do custom page work “Help Trudeau” Accept. When you collect 30 Surfstein for her, you will get boots.

Apart from the split-Rostungset N.R. 3: Carbonox Deluxe

Set bonus: You get 20% extra bolts

  • Carbonox-Deluxe-Helm: Win the gold challenge “Two is better” In the arena im Scorched ruined field.
  • Carbonox-Deluxe-Breastplate: Win the silver challenge “Search-Footer Revenge” In the arena im Scorched ruined field.
  • Carbonax Deluxe Boots: Win the bronze challenge “A Grunder of Sue” In the arena im Scorched ruined field.

Split # 4 except Armor Set: Lombok Pretorians

Set bonus: Earned 20% more Ritanium

  • Pretorian Helmet: Ann Doran IV To the east of Mrs. Surgan you can see a dimensional fold, which contains the equipment.
  • Pretorian plate: For the second time after her Mrs. Surkan at Viceroy Met, you can open a dimensional fold and see the breast in it.
  • Pretorian Graves: Um Southeast of Savali You may find a one-dimensional fold where the boots you are looking for are hidden.

Split # 5 except Armor Set: Wasteland Gear

Set bonus: Damage from local enemies is reduced by 20%

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  • Atland-Helm: In the middle of the barren land in Savali you will find a monk in an outpost who will reward him if he gives him a helmet All 12 Lorbs Brings.
  • Atlantic Breast: You will receive Seven Lords.
  • Barren Boots: You will get three lords.

Except for the Armor Set # 6: Qforce

Set bonus: Cutroot damage is reduced by 20%

  • QForce safety cap: Northeast From your landing site Scorched ruined field You can see a dimensional fold where the shield is located.
  • Action: Ann Viceroy Are you coming to that area? VIP cells. The breast can be seen here on the left in one of the front cells.
  • Duration: Is running Blisson Prime Go to the chief engineer and look at the map at this point. Now you see In the north There is a path on the map that will take you straight to the boots. You only have to change the dimensions a couple of times by hitting the Bliss crystals and you are there.

Split Armor Package # 7: Robot Disguise

Set Bonus: Damage from Nephreius enemies is reduced by 20%

  • Robot Mask: East of the BazaarYou are on the planet Corson v When you meet Ms. Surgan, you can see the dimensional fold where the equipment is located.
  • Robot Disguise Chest: Um The western part of the circus You can see the custom dimensional fold that the shield piece can bring with you.
  • Robot Disguise Boots: If you have Rivets entrance to the hiding place in the circus Enter and place it directly to the left, you will see a dimensional column in which you will see the breast.
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Split # 8 except Armor Set: Robot Pirate

Set bonus: Plunder damage reduced by 20%

  • Pirate Helmet: After you put Pirate trials at Artolis Successfully completed, you stumbled upon this equipment to speak. You can’t miss it.
  • Buchanan’s breast: Um Challenge East of barren land As soon as you access it you will see a site that starts moving. Catch them and pull them with the L1 and you will get the breast.
  • Buchanan-tube: Success Bronze Challenge “Reception Team” In the arena in the Scorched Ruins field.

Congratulations, you found eight armor sets in Ratchet & Clang: Except for the split! These can be very useful in challenge mode, where you can further upgrade your weapons, but for that you need to dig deep into your lombbox pockets. If you need more tips about the Action Platform, check out our guides on the PS5 exclusive.

Did you see all the armor packages in “Ratchet & Clang: Except Split”?

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