June 14, 2024


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Goldbach Audience is expanding its portfolio to include games

Goldbach Audience is expanding its portfolio to include games

Goldbach Audience opens up the world of video games. The new advertising solution makes it possible to embed video and display ads within video games and in game-related advertising environments.

Editorial Board

June 3, 2024

Online ad inventory marketer Goldbach Audience is now opening up the world of video games and expanding its portfolio to include an advertising solution specifically in the gaming environment. This allows advertisers to reach target people in the context of gaming using video and image ads, whether they are the target group of gamers or people who like to play on their mobile phones.

There are different forms of advertising available – ranging from contextual in-game advertising, where ads are placed within a video game and fit seamlessly into the game environment without interrupting the game (e.g., billboards, belts, etc.), to reward in-game video advertising, Players are rewarded for viewing websites, display ads, and video ads in game-related environments.

Cooperation with game providers

Advertising should take place within the game without affecting the game, which increases acceptance and thus enhances engagement among players. According to Statista, more than 65% of the Swiss population plays video games, an average of six hours a week. For game ads, Goldbach Audience partners with major game providers like Gadsme, Activision Blizzard (eg Candy Crush) and others. Ads run on desktop and mobile and can be booked using the classic booking method (IO) as well as programmatically.