June 18, 2024


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Germany wants to approve EU law on artificial intelligence

Germany wants to approve EU law on artificial intelligence

Germany has found a middle ground in the fight over European AI law. (Image: Adobe Stock/Eriska)

Until recently, Wessing had been fighting for more innovation-friendly rules and was able to achieve improvements for small and medium-sized companies. Disproportionate requirements are avoided. The negotiated compromise will now lay the foundation for Developing trustworthy AI, Wessing says. Europe should develop into an important location for artificial intelligence, able to maintain its position in the global competition.

In the future, stricter rules will apply to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the European Union. Negotiators from the European Parliament and EU countries agreed on the relevant rules in Brussels in December after long negotiations. According to the European Union Parliament, this is the first AI law in the world.

The EU Commission proposed the law in April 2021. Accordingly, AI systems should be divided into different risk groups. The greater the potential risks of the application, the greater the requirements. The hope is that the rules will be copied around the world.

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