July 20, 2024


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Garmin Venu SQ Test: Lightweight but suitable game tracking

Garmin Venu SQ Test: Lightweight but suitable game tracking

Garmin Venu SQ integrates a few sensors. Thus we see GPS, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and pulse oximeter. No barometer or gyroscope, for cost reasons.

Let’s start with GPS. It provides halfway results. Sometimes very specific, he suffers from the most annoying moments of wandering. It is therefore necessary to check its GPS trajectory after attempting to ensure optimal tracking.

If the GPS has some problems, it is not on the heart rate monitor. Whatever the situation, it proves to be very true. At rest or when faced with smooth flow, Garmin Venu SQ has a small percentage of error margin compared to a chest strap. Even during interval training, the difference with our reference tool is a maximum of 5%. Most importantly, the presented curves are realistic, so it allows you to track game activities. This standard heart rate monitor allows you to make the best use of SQ’s various training functions without fear. Thanks to this model the most accurate heart zone.

Otherwise, Venu SQ offers all the expertise of an American manufacturer. Thus his stress, sleep or menstrual cycle can be followed. All these features provide a complete panorama of the user’s health.

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