November 26, 2022


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This is how we test – the scoring system

We create our game tests exclusively for you because we consider the game particularly interesting or worth mentioning – both positively and negatively. We conduct reviews independently of publishers and developers and reflect our true opinion.

Having been on the topic for a long time, we decided to opt for the 5-star system, as this prevailed in the field of ratings and most readers could imagine something under it. At first glance, the stars point in a clear direction: is it a really great game, mediocre, or is it a really bad game? You can read this with relative ease from the stars. In order to be able to differentiate a little better, we are working with a decimal place, so we have not only whole stars, but broken stars as well. So that we can clarify in which direction our assessment is headed.

Here’s what the stars say:

  • 5 Stars – An absolute buy recommendation, you can’t go wrong with this game.
  • 4 Stars – A solid game full of fun. There may be minor details that could have been improved.
  • 3 Stars – A hard toy that has some jagged edges. Here you should think carefully about whether the design of the game suits you and whether you can live with the errors.
  • Two stars – The game contains major bugs and many frustrating moments. You don’t necessarily have to buy such games, unless you are an absolute fan of the genre or game series and you can turn a blind eye.
  • One star – hands up! The game is just in the cheek and we strongly advise you not to buy it.
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Test setup:

The test follows a loose structure that we can easily modify according to the type. As a rule, you will first find some basic data, then a detailed description of the game, before we focus on individual points such as graphics, sound, etc. in the test. In the end, you will find a conclusion that summarizes our opinion and the most important points. This also gives you information about whether the game is recommended or to be avoided. This is followed by a star rating along with a list of pros and cons, which contrast with the pros and cons.