June 25, 2022


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"Game Distribution Agreement Database" is attracting attention.  Summary of more than 5,000 distributions and cash availability for distributors and VTuber - AUTOMATON

“Game Distribution Agreement Database” is attracting attention. Summary of more than 5,000 distributions and cash availability for distributors and VTuber – AUTOMATON

Image Credit: Igor Karmimov UA

Currently, the Game Distribution Regulations Database seems to be attracting attention. Awareness is increasing mainly among distributors.

In recent years, with the proliferation of distribution platforms and devices, it has become possible for individuals to distribute the gameplay with ease. As a YouTuber and VTuber, there are many people who are excited about the kind of games that will be offered every day. On the other hand, the presence of distribution rules cannot be ignored when playing live games. Not all games are free to distribute. In some cases, the range that can be distributed by each manufacturer is limited, or the distribution itself is prohibited. This is because depending on the work, there is a possibility that the user will refrain from buying it because the user knows the contents by distribution. Recently, major manufacturers are setting increasing bases for distributors in their games.

In this case, the distributor will decide whether to deal with the game or not after checking the distribution rules for each company and every business for game distribution. However, it is a tedious task to check the rules laid out separately for each title. The website for these distributors is the Game Distribution Regulations Database.

The site compiles the distribution rules assigned to each address as a database. By searching for the address, it is possible to confirm whether delivery is possible or not and whether there are precautions. In addition, it is also possible to narrow the range of addresses and make a detailed search based on conditions such as monetization or not. However, the terms and conditions that can be confirmed from the website are merely “standards”. It is necessary to give a star to addresses that can be distributed based on the database, check the latest rules and decide whether to distribute or not.

For example, let’s look at the terms and conditions of the Nintendo Switch version of “Dragon Quest” released in 2019. About this work, “Distribution to major video publishing/distribution sites (YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, Twitch, etc.), posting/distributing to many sites including the major video publishing sites ““provided by the main sites, it may be possible to monetize using the partner functionality, or there may be few limitations or precautions.” There is also a link to the terms and conditions page already published by Square Enix.

On the other hand, regarding the distribution rules for “Persona 5 The Royal”, which was also released in 2019, “there is a possibility that it will not be possible to generate income” “there are some restrictions on the method of distribution when distributing” “there are some restrictions on the story upon delivery.” In fact, “Persona 5 The Royal” limits video distribution to non-profit use only, and the prohibited distribution section is set by “December 24th until the end of the game” during the game. Regarding the method of distribution, there are limitations such as “distributing playback videos to video sharing sites that can be used with the PlayStation 4’s sharing function.” By using the game distribution agreement database, it is possible to check these distribution agreements seamlessly.

This time, we interviewed the Risk Royal Group, which operates a database of game distribution rules. He is also a streamer who posts game handouts, live comments, and “eavesdrops” on videos. RiskRoyalCollection said the reason for launching the database was that when he was discussing with a friend, he said, “I wish there was a site with a specific distribution agreement.” As Mr. As a distributor, he had a hard time finding distribution rules, so he worked on launching the game distribution rules database.

As of June 14 this year, 5,354 games have been released. The RiskRoyal group manually checks the game and distribution conditions, and increases the number of posts as it binds the data. At the start of the site’s launch, it was expected to be around 10 PV per month, but it was posted on Twitter and caught the eye. The site’s total number of promotional tweets is said to be around 20,000 likes and about 10,000 RT at the moment. The response beyond imagination, he says, “is nothing but a surprise.” It is said that users who are already doing distribution activities have said that it has become easier to find and that it has become easier to get a star on addresses that can be distributed.

As a function that we would like to implement with priority in the future, it was mentioned that “multiple parsing rules can be shown for a single game”. At the moment, the site can only offer one agreement for one game. However, in the case of work involving multiple sources of rights, it may be necessary to check the terms and conditions of each. In the future, it appears to be intended to provide more accurate information by allowing multiple terms to be displayed.

Image Credit: Glenn Carstens Peters

In addition, Mr. RiskRoyalCollection asked the user to refer to the distribution agreement and the official website and judge for himself whether there is any error, and finally deliver at his own discretion and responsibility. He wants to use the database as a “foothold for finding delivery rules” and “a guide before finding rules”. Tell users that he would like to continue updating and maintaining so that it is as easy to use as possible and the burden of selecting games for distribution activities can be reduced as much as possible.

By the way, the game distribution agreement database also accepts game registration based on information from users. Currently, there are many registered console businesses, but he wants to prioritize the businesses whose information has been made available to indie businesses like Steam. We also accept requests from the game developer himself, and he said he would like us to provide information.

The game distribution agreement database isover hereIt can be viewed from. When using it, do not forget to check the latest terms and conditions that the game has officially announced.

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