September 28, 2022


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G Fits gaming headset: Logitech makes gamers’ dreams come true

With its new “G Fits” gaming headset, Logitech is solving one of gamers’ biggest problems: latency. The new wireless in-ear headphones not only feature a custom-made, lightweight in-ear head, but also feature a first-in-class Lightspeed connection.

  • Logitech G Fits gaming headphones announced.
  • The In-Ear Headphones are Logitech’s first truly wireless headphones featuring Lightspeed.
  • The Logitech G Fits TWS starts at $230.

The Logitech G Fits don’t have the typical active noise cancellation, but instead feature soft gel ear tips that mold to your ears and act as a passive damper. The company calls this technology “Lightform”. With a light on each side, the gel hardens before conforming to your ear canal. You have to start this process by pressing a button and repeating it each time you use the headphones. Logitech says it takes a minute for the earbuds to fully set.

Logitech also owns the Ultimate Ears brand, so there are striking similarities in the design and features of the two speakers. Ultimate Ears UE Fits earbuds have the same Lightform feature as the G Fits, but no gaming features.

Logitech G fits Lightform and Lightspeed / © Logitech / Screenshot by: NextPit

Wired headphone latency

The G-Fits headphones are the first TWS headphones from Logitech to use the new Lightspeed function. This is reserved exclusively for Logitech gaming accessories. You can find it not only in mice, but also in keyboards. The technology delivers cable-like performance with gaming-level latency. It is also compatible with any type of source, such as consoles or speakers, that has a USB-C or -A port that you can connect the receiver to.

The earcups themselves have a pill-shaped design. Inside are two beamforming mics, 10mm audio drivers, and a 15-hour battery life with charging case and Lightspeed activation. Taking advantage of Bluetooth 5.2 ensures a longer runtime of up to 20 hours, as promised by the manufacturer.

Logitech G Fits Pricing and Availability

The Logitech G Fits earbuds cost $230 and are not yet available in the US or other markets. It is not yet known when the headphones will arrive in Germany and how much they will cost here. The earphones and body are available in black/yellow or white/lavender color combinations. Logitech also includes interchangeable ear tips. There’s also a slightly cheaper alternative to G Fits, but the Lightspeed connection is missing.

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