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Future Energy review of the Energy game, cash and test

Future Energy review of the Energy game, cash and test

So, I loved Emanuele Ornella's previous games. It all started with Olter Mariewent from Matinek, Il Principe until La Loire. Olter Marie I still have it in a little box from its publisher and I was always waiting for something new from him. At some point nothing exciting came of it, and I lost sight of his games.

also Pioneers From Queen Games, which has already been reviewed here. Because Future Energy is a re-release of the old game with a new current theme. Because climate and nature are in great demand right now. Reading the old review, it really seems to be the same gameplay. But I've never played Pioneers. What was then a railway network is now a modern energy network.

Future energy game

Future Energy - Game Scene - Photography by Jörn Frenzel

In the Future Energy game, players attempt to replace existing power plants that use fossil fuels (coal, crude oil, nuclear power plants, and natural gas) with power plants that use renewable energy sources. By decommissioning old power plants, you will receive various bonuses that will help you during the game to replace additional power plants or expand your power line network. By planning ahead, you can get more money, CO certificates, and of course victory points.

The three stages in future energy

Future Energy - Material - Photography by Queen Games

In the first stage, you will only receive income, which usually never runs out throughout the entire game. Because you always get three million, and you can only increase it.

In the second phase, you plan your individual actions, which can increase to 3 actions over the course of the game. You can build a power line for a million dollars, which can generate income for you. You can build these power lines twice for 5 million or buy construction contracts that give you victory points. If a player runs out of power lines, it means the future power is over.

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Future Energy - Game Setting - Photography by Jörn Frenzel

In Phase 3, you can move around the game board and build your own power plants. With the Construction Crew character, you can move to the power plant field and build your own power plant, which is located on one of your land construction contracts. If these are blank, you can score the victory points printed on them. Moves across empty or third-party power lines cost money, but moves across your power grid are free.

Future Energy - Enough material for one person - Photography by Jörn Frenzel

game over

Future power also ends when all contracts are revealed. It is placed on a bar and placed down when you unfold it. The construction contract gets cheaper and cheaper because it starts with four million and ends with one million.

In the end, there are still points for free fields in construction contracts, majorities in various regions in Europe and printed CO2 certificates available only for natural gas power plants.
Because the game structure varies with action boxes, each game is structured differently.

Future Energy - Tableau - Photography by Coin Games

The game can be expanded with three additional modules. There are points of the largest electricity network, or there are public contracts or new construction land with an extended period.

Is the Future Energy game fun?

At first I thought: a new one Sparks. I was very excited about the idea. I've played it in all kinds of decks, and one thing first: it plays the same way with all player sizes.

And that's exactly where the other problem lies: it plays the same game as many other games. Everyone played along and was ready to play more matches, but somehow the spark was missing. Future Energy plays easy and gentle and can be completed within an hour. But the replay appeal is low. All familiar elements well brought together and played well too. Additional units add some contrast. But none of this changes the feel of the game.

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Not a recommendation, but not bad either

Future Energy - The Box - Photography by Queen Games I think in the classical sense it is a typical family game with a modern flair. Whether this works better now than Pioneers, I dare to doubt it. At the time there was a clear recommendation for the game, which I couldn't agree with.

I will play it over and over again, but I recommend trying it before you buy.

Because the topic is very topical, but creating mechanisms is not. It's fun and easy to do, but somehow there's a certain something missing. There's no appeal in bringing it up. Another one of those “nice” games, but unfortunately I have too many of them. I may not consider it a gaming game, but I enjoy playing everything. As long as there is something specific that makes you want to repeat it. But after a while the box stays on the shelf. It's a shame actually.

Information about future energy

  • Title: Future Energy
  • Publisher: Coin Games
  • Author: Emanuel Ornella
  • Number of players (from to): 2-4
  • Age (from or from to in years): 8
  • Duration in minutes: 60
  • Vintage: 2023