July 14, 2024


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Free constantly updates its WiFi repeater

Free constantly updates its WiFi repeater

Free constantly updates its WiFi repeater

After the first update at the beginning of the week, the operator deploys new firmware for its repeater, which is available with Freebox Pop and Delta.

You can now benefit from the latest version 1.5.15 of your WiFi repeater. It specifically proposes to fix a bug that makes the repeater’s Ethernet port unusable in some scenes.

To use this update, you need to upgrade your Freebox server to version 4.3.2 simultaneously. All you have to do is restart your repeaters.

How do I know if my repeater WiFi Pop up updated?

Go to your Freebox connection app available iOS And Android (Click the links to download it). On the home page, you should see your repeater appear as part of your prebox tool. If it does not, go to the list of equipment.

Click your repeater, and then you will enter a page dedicated to information about your device. Go directly to “Other Information”. Note that if you are not at home, you can restart your repeater directly from your application via the dedicated button at the bottom of this page.

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