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Four locations for your LAN party in Hamburg l FINK.HAMBURG

Four locations for your LAN party in Hamburg l FINK.HAMBURG

This should not be missing at a LAN party in Hamburg: headphones, mobile devices and snacks. Photo: Lucy Lees/Pexels.

Playing alone at night on a console conforms to the single-player cliché. It's definitely a social scene that meets at LAN parties, for example. Do you also want to organize something like this? We provide you with websites.

No matter if you are planning a small gaming night with friends or a big event at the cinema – you have many options for your LAN party in Hamburg. Providers vary in room sizes, equipment and service offerings, so the right LAN party location in Hamburg can be found for different occasions. Organizers recommend early booking. Then it's time to play until your fingers glow!

1. Playbuy

where: center
Introductions: In the Play bye Up to 24 people can play computer games at the same time. The lounge also has the opportunity to play console games on a large TV.
furnishing: High-performance computers and equipment, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, high-speed internet, live streaming, content creation room, and cozy lounge
Extras: Snacks, streaming TV, one-on-one support, catering and, if desired, decoration can also be reserved for specific events
it costs: Room reservations start from €135 per day

2. G4Me Time

where: Bramfield
Introductions: In the G4meTime There is space for up to twelve players in each room. There are a selection of additional room options for VR experiences and console gaming.
furnishing: LAN rooms are equipped with the latest gaming devices (keyboard, headphones, mouse, console, computers, gaming chairs) and high-speed Internet. In the “Mario” room there are also two Xbox Series S consoles, a Nintendo Switch console, and two racing rigs.
Extras: Snacks and Christmas decorations can be booked at the pub
it costs: From €40 per hour ticket per room, full-day package deals from €249

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where: Reeperbahn
Introductions: Rakadia It is an eSports and gaming center and offers a variety of rooms that can be used for LAN parties and tournaments. The spectrum ranges from small computer and console lounges to large event spaces for specific occasions such as bachelorette parties or corporate parties. If you prefer something a little more exotic instead of the classic LAN party, you can also opt for the VR Tower Tag or Actoracer (racing simulator) offerings.
Extras: Daily specials, snacks, and a console lounge with a 70-inch TV and sofa
Gaming equipment: High-performance PCs, gaming chairs and consoles (PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series
it costs: Ticket prices start at €5 per hour in the PC gaming area, and €10 per hour in the console lounge.

4. UCI Wandsbek Cinema

where: Wandspec
Introductions: Playing on the big screen? In the UCI Cinema Hamburg Wandsbek This is completely possible. Here you can connect your gaming equipment on site and play your favorite games with friends.
Extras: Cinema atmosphere, snacks and drinks in store
furnishing: Your computer/console, including HDMI, power cable and other connection cables, as well as your games and controllers
it costs: From €70 per hour, minimum booking time is 2 hours

FINK.HAMBURG Editor Diana Washelitz

Diana Waschlitz, born in Bad Segeberg in 1991, explored the iguana islands and crocodile farms of the Dominican Republic. She studied American Studies and Media and Communication Sciences in Hamburg. Diana was already a quality controller for Asos and planned container routes for Hapag-Lloyd. Diana went to London to attend an Erasmus semester. She liked the mentality and bookshops at Bloomsbury so much that she stayed for two years. Back in Hamburg, she loves spending time with her dog Mats. Abbreviation: Dia

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