June 13, 2024


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Fortnite: This is the new release of LTM “The Impossible Escape”

Fortnite’s latest LTM has been introduced in detail! Source: Epic Games

On Tuesday, the Fortnite team from Epic Games detailed the latest Limited Time (LTM) mode for the successful Battle Royale. The limited-time game mode is called “Impossible Island” or “Impossible Escape” in the original English language.

You form a team and find yourself on an island that apparently weren’t picked up on you after your last team game. This is how Epic Games describes the initial situation in “The Impossible Escape”. 15 other players on the island remain by your side and they all have to prove that they can escape from the wilderness.

Two awards await

As a reward for successfully participating in the new LTM, there is a loading screen called ‘Nearly Impossible’ and an escape screen, which you can earn against your inventory. You can play The Impossible Escape in PvE and PvP versions until May 25, 2021 at 3 PM.

Fortnite Impossible Possibilities loading screen 1920x1080 83836a2465bb
Loading screen “Almost Impossible”. Source: Epic Games
Fortnite Escape parachute 1920x1080 fb69473a7f15
Escape screen. Source: Epic Games

This is how the game mode works

You can play the new time-limited “The Impossible Escape” mode in both PvE and PvP. Depending on which variant you choose, there are either Choppa (PvP) or Three Choppas (PvE) on the map. However, to clear the way for this escape route, you must first fix it with four specific spare parts.

As you try to find, collect, and bring them to your choppa, you may not only encounter opponents in PvP mode, but also wild animals and dangerous rangers who will make your life more difficult. New dangers must be added with each sunset.

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If the Choppa is already ready to drive, then the chosen driver must reach a special vanishing point in order to win the game. But you shouldn’t ignore your team.

Fortnite Island 1920x1080 d7c3d56ac36f
On this map, you have to survive and escape in the new LTM. Source: Epic Games

Unlike usual, you do not form the team before the match, but directly in the match. Each player starts out alone in a wide passage and has to find other survivors. If you are near other survivors, you will have the option to form a group with them. Even four game endings can join forces.

This of course makes surviving and searching for Choppa parts much easier. You can’t hurt yourself in PvE mode, but in PvP mode, you’ll need a team to claim the lone helicopter to escape.

Impossible Escape LTM Trailer – Fortnite