June 13, 2024


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Fortnight goes into NBA mode!  |  NBA

Fortnight goes into NBA mode! | NBA

NBA fans and the hit game “Fortnight” will be delighted. To celebrate the start of the “post-season”, the North American League has further modernized its growth by investing in “Fortnight” shortcut available today. This allows you to equip yourself with an arsenal of costumes featuring the owners from May 22 to 30, the opening date of the playoffs.

To find out, get a “rolled ball” and a “basket shooter” pack to get the rear accessory “portable basket”, in which the logo of 30 teams will appear. The collaboration includes big fans of “Fortnight” Donovan Mitchell and Trey Young, who also picked up locker packs at the grocery store.

Donovan Mitchell’s locker includes a “shark pajamas” suit, a “dorsal squall” rear accessory, an “extreme split” pixie, a “dynamic fire” leather and a “firefighter” emote. Trey Young’s locker contains the “Scarlet Host” costume, the “Golden Spade” pickaxe, the “Happiness Stars” skin and the “Balloon Pro” emot.

From Saturday, the crossover will feature a five-day tournament featuring 30 NBA teams: Team Fights.

You can already access the official page of the “Fortnight X NBA” team fights that will take place from May 19 to 23 to register or support a team. Next week, the NBA enters Creative Mode

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