May 28, 2023


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Apple has been selling "expensive and obsolete equipment" since the "Middle Ages"

Apple has been selling “expensive and obsolete equipment” since the “Middle Ages”

Oh Co-founder and CEO By Telegram, Powell Throw, Wrote a publication (discovered Android Central) This leaves out harsh criticism of Apple and the devices Apple sells.

“Apple is very good at adhering to its business model, which is based on selling case and obsolete equipment to closed customers in its ecosystem. IPhone Test the app iOS [da Telegram] I feel sent to the Middle Ages. ”Pointed out Throw, Also mentions Screens Do IPhone 60Hz ‘with refresh rate’ “It simply came to our notice then Screens 120 Hz two Cell phones Modern Android ”.

Powell Throw Users also said IPhone They “Apple’s digital slaves”. The head of Telegram did some research on Apple’s presence in China, saying that the company would have given control of its data centers to the Chinese government over recent news.

“You can only use Applications Apple allows you to install through its App Store, and you can only use it iCloud Save your data from Apple. Not surprisingly, Apple’s dictatorial approach was highly praised by the Chinese Communist Party – thanks to Apple – it now controls everything Applications And data on its citizens IPhones, Said Throw.

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To help us succeed, visit the Initiative website organized by the magazine Marketer, Click Here, And proceed to fill out the form News per minute In the section Digital media And then formalizing the votes. Thanks for your wish!

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