October 24, 2021


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Ford Transit hydrogen prepares

In the UK, the US manufacturer has teamed up with engineering firm AVL to test hydrogen technology on its most famous model: the Ford Transit.

By engaging in massive electrification of its range of facilities, Ford is interested in hydrogen. As part of a research program funded in part by the British government, the American brand has teamed up with AVL, a British engineering company, to test the first Ford Transit fuel cell.

This is amazing The future of hydrogen Ford Transit It will use 100% electric version items. Smaller, the battery used would be attached to a fuel cell backed by hydrogen tanks. At this stage, the characteristics and performance of the demonstrator were not disclosed.

« Compared to a conventional electric vehicle, the Transit FCEV research vehicle provides enhanced capabilities to increase customer productivity.” The manufacturer explained to British Autocar journalists. The latter particularly highlights the fill time similar to heat engines.

For Ford, the development of this hydrogen display device is a step towards a better understanding of the technology and its potential on a larger scale. This includes in particular the analysis of fuel cell operation but also the evaluation of more practical aspects such as autonomy, authorized payload and methods of filling the tanks. Exploratory work that may lead the manufacturer to launch commercialization of the first model.

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