May 21, 2024


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Focus on reforestation and technology

Focus on reforestation and technology

Chairman of the Board Uwe Werner welcomed 41 interested participants to the Forest Education Day in Steimel. The Mayor of the Puderbach community, Volker Medel, thanked the invitation and warmly welcomed all the guests to the Westerwald community in Steimel. First President Uwe Werner thanked Van den Nagel from the Netherlands, which traveled to Steimel with its “Raptor 500” forest mulch for a demonstration. Before soil cultivation began, the location of the boundary stones was determined using a GPS device so that the exact route of the forest plot was ensured. The device works with centimeter accuracy. In unfavorable conditions, a deviation of a few centimeters is possible. Particularly in the case of small forest clearings, it is very difficult to find the exact boundaries. Especially in areas adjacent to other properties, the question often arises: “Who does the tree actually belong to?” Of course, an accurate GPS device that provides clarity quickly scores points here. The device works with appropriate cartographic materials (base maps serve data from state and land registry offices) as well as the correction service of individual federal states. Participants particularly emphasized the significant time savings compared to the traditional method of confirming a forest plot using a measuring tape. The device and handling of the border quarantine search was presented by Managing Director Martin Werner. The participants expressed their great admiration for the accuracy of the device. After that, the owner of the company, Mr. Bram van den Nagel, presented the “Raptor 500” car with its technical capabilities. In recent years a lot of beetle wood has had to be cut. But it is also important to plant new trees again. Since the forest is of particular importance for the protection of climate, water, air, soil and the entire natural ecosystem, the forest must be restored to a condition suitable for the site and as close to nature as possible. The aim is therefore to reforest and restock areas damaged by bark beetles with tree species. Before reforestation begins, bare areas must be prepared for planting.

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This setup was demonstrated to participants using the Raptor 500. The Raptor 500 is the ultimate support for a ground setup. It has been specially developed for heavy duty work in rough terrain. Using this mulch, the remaining plants are finely chopped and the area is leveled. This means that the entire area can be used again. The green clippings remain lying around and improve the nutrient quality of the soil. The big advantage of the raptor is that it is particularly gentle on the soil. At just under 19 tons and 440 hp, it's quite lightweight. The Raptor 500 meets all current emissions regulations and is fuel efficient. The speed and overall grinding work was impressive. The logs, which were fairly large in circumference, were ground by machine in a gentle manner to the ground. After the demonstration in the forest, a debriefing session on the use and billing of the machine was held at the brewery in Auberdres. There were also lively discussions about GPS accuracy. In the end, the participants thanked Van den Nagel for the wonderful presentation. The Forest Education Day was rated by all guests as very useful and important. After a short drink, the participants bid farewell at around 7pm. Bachelor's