March 29, 2023


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Flea in the zoo – kids game with jumping fleas

A flea alarm at the zoo? In any case! The little things jump from one animal to the next so quickly that one thing’s for sure: the only ones with an overview here are the fleas.

Admittedly, at first (before taking apart the kid’s toy) I couldn’t figure out how to get the fleas to jump. But the question can be answered immediately after the game plan has been put together.

For all the parents whose kids love to make noise: make sure the kids are involved when you put the game board together!

The design is low irritating yet attractively designed. This is an absolute plus point for me.

Skeleton of a flea in the zoo - photo by Schmidt Spiel
Article with the structure of a flea in the zoo – photo by Schmidt Spiel

Idea for the game Fleas in the Zoo

Floh im Zoo by Florian Nadler of Schmidt Spiele is a lively interactive game for two to four zoo residents. Each zoo resident (llama, zebra, orangutan, and leopard) is assigned four playgrounds with their own fur pattern. Two fleas are placed in the middle of each of these. Now each animal grabs a stick – if parts break, you can simply buy a pack of lollipops and you’ll get the supplies ;-)) – and away you go.

With a chopstick, you can tap once and quickly on one of your animal’s fields. Land commuting begins. The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of fleas.

Conclusion: Is the children’s game Flea at the Zoo fun?

Baby Flea at the Zoo - Box - Schmidt Spiel's photo
Baby Flea at the Zoo – Box – Schmidt Spiel’s photo

Since fleas in the zoo are quickly set up and understood, I can not only play this game over and over again at home, but also use it in my work with children. I particularly like the fun factor of the game, we rarely all laughed together like that when we played a parlor game. It rarely happens that we all (Mom, Dad – we took turns participating, and our three kids 14, 11, 9) play a game with so much joy. A round is about 10 minutes long, so it can easily be played “for a while” before going to bed. But the best thing for me is that everyone can win regardless of their special skills. Simply because the luck factor is so great.