June 18, 2024


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Five Nights at Freddy’s Killing It is at the box office

Five Nights at Freddy’s Killing It is at the box office

After just one weekend in theaters, Five nights at freddy’s It has already broken records and grossed a staggering $130 million at the global box office since its release on October 27 to less than stellar reviews.

After years of rumors and development, it’s long awaited Five nights at freddy’sfilm finally. The film is based on the incredibly popular horror games that feature creepy animatronics that haunt the heroes at night. We first heard about A FNAF Film all the way Back in 2015 According to producer Jason Blum, this film took nearly a decade to produce because the creator and developer behind the series, Scott Cawthorn, He had a lot of input into every part of the film. And now, after all this work, Five nightss has been released, just in time for Halloween. If you ask some people, the scariest thing about him FNAF It may be her Its Rotten Tomatoes score is very low. But that didn’t stop this creepy adaptation from setting several box office records and making a lot of money during its opening weekend.

Starring in a new PG-13 horror movie hunger GamesJosh Hutcherson finished its opening weekend with an impressive $80 million in North America and $130 million worldwide. Keep in mind that this movie only cost $20 million to produce, so it’s probably already profitable.

Universal Pictures/Blumhouse

As reported diverseaccording to Blumhouse and Universal, here is a list of records and achievements FNAF It is set after its opening weekend.

  • Biggest opening weekend of the year for a horror film, surpassing “Scream V“I” ($44 million)
  • The second largest debut ever for a video game adaptation, behind “Super Mario Bros movie($146.3 million)
  • The biggest opening weekend ever for a Universal and Peacock hybrid, beating out the slasher sequels, 2021’s “Halloween Kills” ($49 million) and 2022’s “Halloween Ends” ($40 million).
  • Highest-grossing opening weekend for a Halloween weekend release, besting 2011’s performancePussy in shoes($34 million)
  • Third biggest debut for any horror film, after 2017’sHe. She“(123 million dollars) and 2019”It is: Chapter Two($91 million)
  • Best debut ever for a PG-13 horror film, beating 2001’sThe mummy returnsQ” ($68 million)
  • Blumhouse’s highest global opening ever, ahead of “Halloween($91.8 million)
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It’s wild to see Five nights at freddy’s Superior Halloween, The mummyAnd Screaming. He also beat the new Exorcist The film, which as of October 29th It raised a total of $120 million– It is less than FNAFOpening weekend. It’s also a great reminder that Five nights The franchise, even if it’s not the newest IP in the world, is still very popular among kids and teens.

The film’s PG-13 rating disappointed some bloodthirsty fans and horror critics, but it also likely helped the film’s box office performance because it made it easier for young people to head to the theater and check it out.

Of course, a low score on Rotten Tomatoes could doom the film’s second weekend, but at this point, Blumhouse and Universal are probably pretty happy with how it’s been received, considering it took nearly a decade to get it out. This thing is out the door. Now I just need to Megan And Five nights at freddy’s Crossover movie. Come on Universal, make it happen.