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“Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE” Reflection in a Bipolar Field / Definitive Edition[End of the Century Column # 16]|  Famitsu smartphone game information app

“Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE” Reflection in a Bipolar Field / Definitive Edition[End of the Century Column # 16]| Famitsu smartphone game information app

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Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE

The poles are over!

The writer who loves “Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE” (hereinafter, “Hokuto Revive”) seriously enjoys “Hokuto Revive” and elaborates on his feelings in the end of the century column.

This time, which is the 16th day, we will reaffirm the bipolar pair specification.

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What will happen with the new Rao?


On February 28, the movie “Rawa: Oath to the Homeland” will be released. I’d like to write an article about this when the strategy progresses a little more, but for now many Revivers are removing Rei and removing Nantokyokuseijin. It only seems to work with Hokuto Polar Star Formation.

So what are the disadvantages if the opponent uses both Kasumi and Rei? I think there are many people who are interested in such things, so this may be the last time from an environmental point of view, but I would like to summarize the dichotomous pair again with the official specification.

No, but Raoh is strong. With Kasumi, the firepower environment seemed to have reached its peak, but with the new Raoh, it was even more stimulating. As a result, even Rei couldn’t stand it, a variegated feeling that he was completely addicted to.

Kasumi, Raoh, Heart, Nut, Kaioh, and Yama. In the current firepower environment, there are only about 6 of them that can prove they can keep fighting (is there an iron core here?), so I get the impression it’s pretty tough if that’s missing. On the contrary, I believe there will be many remasters who will improve if they are physically knocked out and unable to fight in the next Kenshi game. (everyone will take it)

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Confirm the bipolar pair specification

Finally, there was an announcement from management about the official specifications of the bipolar pair.

▼ Inquiries about “bipolar” (official website)

I mentioned earlier in this article that there are parts that I did not understand and the specifications confirmed as far as I know, but the puzzle was solved with an explanation of the specifications from the official this time.

At this time, I avoided mentioning it (because I can’t write speculations and cause trouble for the management side), but what I said as “inexplicable behavior” was from the case of developing a bipolar pair in advance. The point was that immortality was granted when the second attack activated Rey’s puzzle. Why is star formation activated at the South Pole while a pair of dipoles is present? That’s what it means.

In this regard, there has been a great misunderstanding about dichotomous pairing. The bipolar pair is just that[إناء], and by itself has no orange effect. So what is this dichotomy? In other words, it overwrites and erases the North Dipper’s circle and the South Dipper’s circle, reactivating the effects of both.

This is it[زوج مزدوج> تشكيل نجم هوكتو القطبي = تشكل نجم نانتو القطبي]this part. Since it is replaced and erased, this formula is definitely correct. Since a dipole pair is just a vessel, it will activate even if Kasumi on your side or Rei on the enemy’s side fires a secret technique, and it will apply to both.

No, no, no, wait a minute. This is the kind of misunderstanding I was having about activating the Hokuto Polar Formation and the South Dipper Formation, and the description says “Hokuto Polar Formation[Effect]and “South Dipper Formation”.[تأثير]

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In other words, the effect of a field quenched and reactivated by a pair of diodes was[شيئًا]Mined from every Polar Star formation, neither the North Dipper nor the South Dipper have been mined.

A dipole pair is a special mechanism that allows the Hokuto pole star formation and the Nanto pole star formation to coexist in a specification in which only one field can exist. Furthermore, I get the impression that it has become insanely difficult to understand because it has to be applied to both first and second attacks without excess or deficiency.

In a previous article, I wrote that there might be some kind of preparatory condition to apply to both, and that is exactly what this North Star was like.

I think it’s almost impossible to get all users to understand everything in a skill that’s getting more and more complex, but at least I’m trying to get it to a level that most users generally understand. I think a future theme for “Hokuto Revive” will do just that.

Think of dichotomous pairs from a practical point of view

Now that I fully understand the specs, I’d like to think about the practicalities. The advantage of showing the effects of both the North Dipper and South Dipper formations in a two-pole pair is that you can take advantage of the parameter-related improvements and deviations in the Hokuto Gokusei Formation and the South Dipper Formation. Since the value with the highest effect is indicated, the amount of effect is slightly larger than when activating only one of the North Dipper Circle and the South Dipper Circle.

However, the difference is not felt even by physical sensation, so it seems good to think that it does not affect the environment.

When this happens, it is no longer necessary to consider the concept of a pair of poles, and it is only necessary to consider the formation of the Hokuto pole star and the formation of the Nanto pole star. If you’re worried that you can’t remove Rei because you’re in a dichotomous pair, why not try organizing without thinking about it? Maybe there shouldn’t be a problem.

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With the appearance of the new Raoh, the damage received became severe. No matter where or how you place it, you will always take damage, so even if you set up the South Dipper Star Formation or something like the South Dipper Star Formation, Rei will drop immediately. Even with a pair of poles, if Rei falls, the effect of star formation at the south pole disappears, so it cannot give the primary immortality, and there is almost no advantage in being formed at the same time as the core, which is active in the environment.

However, the Nantou environment, which was once very prosperous, might be about to come to an end.


The endurance aspect, in other words, the fact that he becomes physically invalid is a sign of surrender. If Rei, who was the center of Nanto, disappeared, it would be difficult for fighters who relied on immortality to become hard to use at the same time.

However, Juza is pulled out, and of course Heart is still active due to its ability to hold a large amount of ground and the Shinkenshi’s high core performance. For the rest, if you think the dipole pair is a bottleneck, even if you look at the official specs, I don’t think you need to think much about it at the moment, so I’d like you guys to add it to your thoughts on the organization.

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