February 23, 2024


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FilmLight releases classification software “Baselight 6.0” – PRONEWS: a comprehensive guide that brings together all the information about video production

FilmLight releases classification software “Baselight 6.0” – PRONEWS: a comprehensive guide that brings together all the information about video production

FilmLight has announced the release of Baselight grading software, Baselight 6.0. It will be available to illustrators worldwide after an extensive beta program.

Baselight 6.0 is the culmination of several years of machine learning (ML) development and includes game-changing new features designed to deliver significant gains in productivity and creativity in modern post-production environments. It is said that this already exists. Many of our beta testers are excited about the improved and updated timeline, our new initial grading tool, X Grade, our unique new theme development tool, Chromogen, and our new machine learning-based hack. The company is already using new tools like a face tracker.

Martin Traskal, Development Director at FilmLight, commented:

Mr. Truskal:We're excited to bring Baselight 6.0 to the global coloring community.

We believe this release will significantly advance our technology and provide a platform that is in sync with today's coloring artists. For example, Face Track has been shown to significantly reduce the time colorists spend on makeup tasks in the grading suite. By leveraging the latest advances in machine learning, Face Track will revolutionize this business.

Colorists can track faces, make corrections and improvements, and apply them to multiple scenes.

Using a basic machine learning model, Face Track finds and tracks faces in the scene, seamlessly adjusting as each face moves and rotates. A polygon mesh is attached to each face, and perspective recognizers such as paint and shapes can be distorted with the mesh. Colorists' productivity is further enhanced by the ability to copy corrections and improvements made in Face Track across the timeline. Simply copy and paste to apply repeated corrections to the same face via a sequence or loop.

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FilmLight releases image rating software

Sem Ozkilic, a freelance colorist based in Norway, won the Spotlight Award at the 2023 FilmLight Color Awards and participated in the Face Track pilot.

Mr. Ozkirich:I've used Face Track and it's a game changer.

It can not only be used to lighten or darken the face, but also can be used to lift the eyes, beautify the skin and work the complexion. FaceTrack becomes even more powerful when combined with the Paint tool. Colorists can spend more time grading and less time drawing and tracing shapes on faces.

Raul Labado, a freelance colorist based in Madrid, comments:

Mr. Labado:One of the wonders of Baselight 6.0 is the Face Track tool, which has become a shining beacon in the world of digital color. This innovation revolutionizes the way skin tone is improved and provides unparalleled accuracy in face tracking.

The ability to dynamically adjust the color and texture of faces as they move within the scene takes the quality and efficiency of color correction to new heights. Baselight 6.0 is more than just a tool, it's an experience that redefines the art of color grading.

FilmLight's Face Track technology was developed in-house from the ground up, but the company has made Baselight 6.0 fully ML-enabled. By developing a framework called Flexi, FilmLight can now quickly and easily integrate future machine learning-based tools into Baselight.

Seamus O'Kane, senior colorist at The Post Arm in London, comments:

Baselight 6.0 features a RIFE ML-based timer, redesigned curve grading, built-in alpha for easier composition, a new Advanced Gallery with improved search and sorting, and a built-in Lens Flaretool to sharpen lights. Effects, lens zoom for quick and precise adjustments, and an improved hue angle.

Angie Gray, senior color specialist at Raccoon in London, comments:

Mr. Gray:After using Baselight 6.0 for a while, I'm honestly very excited to see how new tools like X Grade and Chromogen, along with other upgrades and additions, will help us achieve our vision. It's really next level.