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Fans are developing a new version of the classic role-playing game

Fans are developing a new version of the classic role-playing game

A promising remake is sparking anticipation in the Fallout community: Project Arroyo aims to give a new sheen to the second part of the popular RPG series – and now the creator promises to release it on Steam.

Fallout 2 has long achieved legendary status in the RPG community – the game, which was released in 1998, has a standing on Metacritic A great critic rating of 86 and an even better user score of 9.1 out of 10 Displays. It's no wonder players are looking forward to an upcoming fan-made remake that will appear as a mod on Steam.

Fallout 2 is getting an amazing remake

At the time, Fallout 2 was released in isometric view according to technical possibilities, with gameplay that now seems very outdated and limited. Although the classic game itself is still charming, a group of fans have now taken it upon themselves to do just that The RPG will be remade in the Fallout 4 engine under the working title Project Arroyo – This means that the perspective, graphics as well as gameplay change, as seen in the new comparison view.

Check out the trailer for the Fallout 2 remake Project Arroyo on YouTube:

(Source: Fallout 4: Project Arroyo, YouTube)

According to project leader Damion DaPonte, the Fallout project is making significant progress. More than 100 developers are currently working on the ambitious game The Steam version is exactly on target. The project wants to be based on the style of Skyrim mod Enderal: Forgotten Stories. However, the team still has to resolve the legal complexities surrounding an unofficial fan remake – which will likely be a bigger hurdle. (source: TheGamer)

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Uproar and concern among Fallout fans

Fans on Reddit are conflicted about the new video and release plans – on the one hand, they want the Fallout remake to look as described, but on the other, many of them fear it won't. Bethesda collaboration and copyright infringement Huge problems will arise.

Wow the graphics look great! (Reddit user Jcpelaez)

The entire project receives an injunction. Fans and Developers: Pikachu's face is shocked. (Reddit user 3scap3plan)

Going out on steam? There's no way they can sell this without getting sued by Microsoft and Bethesda. (Reddit user nogoodgreen)

In our photo series we show you 9 hidden places that you definitely missed in the Fallout games:

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